It is highly likely that there are more blog posts on travelling embedded in this blog from years and years ago. The ones I’ve put here are links to more recent trips, mainly with Flo. The countries that have multiple entries I have placed in chronological order for your convenience. 🙂

Hamburg May 2017
To the Land of Brötchen
Hamburg Sights
Family & Friends
Ich bin Fröhlich
Goodbye. No, hello again. No, goodbye Hamburg

Hong Kong & Macau 2017
Flying Solo
Jade Dragon, Macau
Yan Toh Heen

Bali Dec 2016
Bali Life
Bali on the Rocks
Rain gods of Bali

Malacca Nov 2016
Weekend Getaway

Yangon Jun 2017
Good Morning Yangon
Round and Round to Chinatown

Philippines Feb 2017
Pang Lao, Bohol
Oslob – Lows & Highs
Moalboal – Sink or Swim
To Las Cabanas, El Nido, Palawan
Duli – Life’s a Beach

Bangkok Nov 2016
Thais that Bind

United Kingdom
London May 2017
Castles. Shakespeare. And Witchcraft?
London Wanderings
Cliveden and an Old Pub