I Am.

I am… Natalie.



So. I began this blog as a journal for me through my recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, of which I was diagnosed with in 2008. I’ve since come a long way and while I still struggle with my disorder, I am in a much better place now.

Subsequently, it became a place I came to process each step of my journey through Le Cordon Bleu, London as I embarked on my patisserie diploma in 2011. That was one of the highlights of my life! I loved every day we were in the kitchen creating new things, and I loved the people who embarked on the patisserie journey with me – people who have since become friends.


My blog has since evolved to contain a mishmash of my life. Here, I share my thoughts on food that I’ve enjoyed eating, what I cook especially for my boyfriend, and what I bake so stay tuned always for new recipes. I like to experiment in the kitchen and I mess up every so often. But obviously I just share the good stuff and pretend that I’m the perfect wannabe-Kitchen Goddess.


This is my boyfriend Florian aka Flo. His name will probably appear in every other post. He’s amazing and gives me reasons to smile every single day. He’s also a big encouragement to me to attain and maintain a healthy relationship with food. Flo’s been my better, stronger half since we got together. And I cannot help but feel so blessed that somehow, some way, our paths in life led us to where we are now.

Flo is also my travelling partner, apart from when we aren’t travelling together, so aside from good, you’ll see posts of our travels abroad – not that we travel often. We would, if only money grew from trees and travelling was considered work.


These are my cheerleaders – Daddy Tan, Mummy Tan, and my brother, Aaron aka Kor. Kor Kor means older brother in Teochew (a Chinese dialect) and he has always been that to me. I’ve never been able to switch to calling him by his name. My family mean the world to me and is the reason that I’m still working hard at creating a life that is free from any disorder. They are also the reason why I stepped into the baking world after graduating from Uni. They have taught me that it’s ok to chase my dreams no matter how scary, that uncertainty can be a wonderful thing, and that I am loved beyond what’s external.

This blog, is like bits and pieces of me. It contains my thoughts, my struggles, my challenges overcome, my relationships, my passion for baking… But it is me. 🙂

I am… Natalie – a child of God. A Daughter. A Partner. A Sister. A Friend. And I am blessed.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17


8 thoughts on “I Am.

  1. Hi Natalie,
    I love your blog…fell upon it today while researching whether I can freeze Charlotte aux cassis (making a million of them as it’s one of our possible exam dishes for basic patisserie practical exam tomorrow!).
    I have a similar story to you- recovered from the same illness after 25 years of struggling and it’s such a treat to be able to do this course at le cordon Bleu and eat my patisserie!
    Congratulations on your artistic creations and your recovery journey.
    I also share your faith- which is a great support in getting over such a horrid illness.
    Kudos to you, and feel free to be in contact anytime.
    All best,

    • Aww thanks Charlotte!

      It was lovely to hear from you and your comment gave me the goosebumps (in a good way). I hope your exam went well – it’s always nerve-wrecking days prior to the exam but the relief after it’s over!!!

      Simply sharing with me that you have recovered from the same illness fuels my hope and desire for a full recovery. Thank you for that! If you ever need any guidance in your patisserie course, feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to help. Attending LCB was one of the highlights of my life (so far) and I hope that your time there will be an amazing one as well.

      Nat x

    • Hey dear.. Thanks for your kind words. They really put some extra shine into my day. I’m so excited for you to attend LCB. Those 9 months pursuing my Patisserie Diploma were the best 9 months of my life. So far. I hope you’ll share your journey with me and if you ever need any baking advice, I’ll be here. I’m no baking genius but I’d love to help where possible. 😀

      • Thank you for your wishes too! I really appreciate it. Sure, I will definitely continue sharing my baking life on this platform and hopefully some more in the near future. It’d be beyond excellent if you could share some of your experiences at LCB so that I cam have better mental preparation for my upcoming journey! How about via emails or other means? 🙂 please let me know.

      • I had a whole set of blog posts that I religiously wrote detailing my entire LCB journey. I took it all down when I was giving this site a facelift since it’s also outdate – I believe LCB’s updated a lot of their syllabus. Still, I’m definitely up for exchanging emails and sharing with you my experiences. You can drop me an email at butterfingrrs@hotmail.com or you can give me yours and I’ll be more than happy to write you! 🙂

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