Käsekuchen and Sourdough.

It took a ‘circuit breaker’ to get the hubs into the kitchen. Not complaining! He wanted to bake German cheesecake to satisfy his cravings for them.


We had some quark that he had brought back from Germany when he went to visit his grandfather. They needed to be used so last week, he took the containers of quark out and set about making his beloved käsekuchen. I was appointed his kitchen assistant.


It turned out perfect! Crisp, crusty edges with a soft, wobbly filling. It is much lighter on the palate than the rich, heavy American cheesecake, but not as cotton-like and fluffy as the Japanese cheesecake. I told Florian that after Covid-19, we should start selling these.


My sourdough babies have been thriving. I made a second one from an old starter we bought over a year ago from our Christmas holiday to Germany end 2018. This was before I attempted to make my own starter and I promise, the starter we bought only expires end 2020. I used one to bake bread that I gave to neighbours upstairs, and with the second packet, I tried to revive. It played dead for days but then came to life and has been flourishing since yesterday.

Anyway, I baked sourdough hot cross buns because it’s Good Friday. They were crusty outside and so billowy inside. I made sure to include lots of rum-soaked raisins and citrus peel – more than the recipe actually called for.


Some were eaten for tea, some were eaten for breakfast today, some were packed for the freezer, some were packed for neighbours.


We gave some to neighbours down the road whom we’ve been seeing nearly every evening on our evening walks for the past 10 odd years. We always exchange a friendly smile and a hello. I thought they could do with some cheer and they were so happy and surprised to receive the buns. On the stretch back home yesterday, they waited by their gate just to let me know they tried some already and really enjoyed them. ❤

I also baked a Miso Black Garlic sourdough yesterday.


Neighbour on 7th whom I grew up with has also been dabbling in sourdough. He passed some of his down so half of this loaf went up. He liked it. Said it tasted like marmite. I guess if you like marmite, this one’s for you!


We had this with Mum’s chicken curry last night. Perhaps not the best pairing but still so delicious with its soft, spongy, porous crumb absorbing the spiced gravy so well.


Today, I attempted a higher hydration sourdough. This Miso black garlic one was about 68% hydration. My current one that’s sitting in the fridge for its final proof has about 77% hydration and will be baked tomorrow. I’m so excited to see how it turns out. Apparently there are even 110-120% hydration sourdoughs – more difficult to handle but I aim to push myself and see whether I can make some successfully. Stay tuned for my sourdough journey… if it turns out well.

What new hobbies have you picked up, repicked up, or attempting to pick up this period? Share with me what you’ve been up to at home and how you’ve been spending your time! I’m all ears 🙂

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