Recipe: Easy Anything Honey Granola.

If you’ve been good and staying home, and you find yourself running out of granola, here’s a super easy recipe to make some healthier, homemade granola that will turn you away from buying any more supermarket ones.


I’m a big fan of granola clusters and it breaks my heart when I open a new brand of granola to try, only to find that unlike the balls of clumped, crispy oats on their picture, the content within their packaging is all loose and broken up. It always gets to me!

This recipe is so foolproof and you get great, big glorious chunks that will satisfy the crunch monster in you!


Easy Granola Clusters 

290g rolled oats
150g walnuts, chopped
50g sunflower seeds
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 tsp ground cinnamon
75g coconut oil
130g honey

  1. Preheat oven to 135 deg C.
  2. Mix everything together thoroughly. Spread it out on a lined baking tray as evenly as possible. 
  3. Bake granola for an hour. 
  4. Rotate baking tray and increase temperature to 148 deg C. 
  5. Bake another 20-25min.
  6. Allow to cool before breaking the granola up into clusters – how big the clusters are depends on how big or small you like them!

Optional add ins: Sultanas, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, yogurt drops – add these after the granola is baked and ready to be stored. 


Instead of walnuts and sunflower seeds, you can also use cashews, almonds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pecans… pretty much whatever nuts and/or seeds you like. You can swap the cinnamon for cardamom or matcha, you can also use maple syrup instead of honey and olive oil instead of coconut, or even melted butter. It’s really all up to your personal preference!


If you manage to bake some of this granola while you’re home, feel free to share with me your rendition of this granola recipe! I’d love to know how yours turned out. Or you can always tag me at #butterfingrrs if you’re on Instagram.

It’s been tough with Singapore tightening their measures. It’s a reminder of how Covid-19 is a sneaky virus to keep track of. I pray that things will get better soon but it’s hard to say. Trusting that our government knows what best to do and that people will know that the only way through this is if we stick together. Please don’t panic buy, please don’t keep meeting friends because you think it is safe, please don’t assume that just because you feel fine, you are fine. Don’t be selfish. There is enough for everyone, there is more than enough time after this is over to meet with friends. We just have to tide through the storm first. In our own homes, but together.

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