Eat, Drink, Bangkok.

It was nice starting the weekend with the boys. We began with breakfast at the main floor of our hotel where there was a big spread of food from various cuisines.



We tried to eat enough to tide us through to our big dinner but after our mandatory massage, we whisked ourselves off to Hand and Heart Cafe for coffee.


Well, coffee for them. I just watched them sip.



From the little cafe, we walked over towards the other end of the Soi where the famous mango sticky rice shop is – Mae Varee. Beforehand, we decided to make a pit stop at this eatery specialising in Phad Thai and Seafood Omelettes.




We ordered a Seafood Phad Thai,


And a soft Oyster Omelette. Actually, Les and Zen ordered to share. Flo and I ended up helping ourselves to a few mouthfuls.


Then we got a packet of Mango sticky rice for Flo and Zen to share.


This is a must-have for Florian every trip. He bought another two packets on Sunday to fulfil his Mango sticky rice quota for the short holiday. He gobbled both up – one at the airport before we boarded our flight home, and one on the plane. His cravings have been satisfied for now… until our next Bangkok trip.


We had a short rest before freshening up for our much-anticipated dinner. You’ll find out where we went in my next post. Or… does anyone have any guesses?




All polished and ready to go. I think we all clean up very well! We hung around the hotel lounge before we set off.



Next morning, our final day in Bangkok, we managed to find space in our bellies for a light breakfast, before heading to our go-to, Roast.


Brunch food for lunch!


Seafood stew for me – 420 Baht (SGD18.90) which tasted more spiced with Thai flavours (much like a mild red curry still packing lots of flavour) than tomato-ey. I really liked it especially with the generous portions of fish and nicely cooked prawns, juicy mussels, and tender rings of squid.


With the decision to skip dinner since we’d be on board, and I refuse to buy food on planes, we had some nibbles at the lounge again before we took off for the airport.


Proof of my dear hubsy indulging in his favourite Thai dessert before we boarded the plane.


My 4.5 days in Bangkok passed a lot faster than I could have imagined. I loved my time with Les, just the two of us. But I also enjoyed my time with Flo and Zen around. It reminded me once more how dear my friends are to me, and how much I cannot wait to spend the rest of our years together.

I’m looking forward to 2020 being our year, and the 2020s to be our decade! I cannot wait for more holidays together with them, and PeaYJ, and I cannot wait for our lives to continue unfolding together. For all that 2019 has turned out to be, I cannot deny that God has blessed us with the greatest friends one can ask for.

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