Bumming Around Bangkok.

The Friday after we went to Bo.Lan, Lesley first had to settle some personal errands/life goals. So I spent the three hours traipsing around Bangkok walking first to Siam for a foot massage. You can’t go to Bangkok and not indulge at least once in a good massage!

Feet light as air, I floated over to Siam Paragon where I got tempted by some Lub Chub.


These photogenic bites of mung bean paste, moulded, coloured and jellied to look like cute miniatures of fruit brought me back to my days when we were living in Bangkok. I couldn’t resist the temptation and got this prettily packaged variety. They were as tasty as they looked!

I wandered around the supermarket looking for this particular Three Mountain Sriracha sauce but couldn’t find it. So I walked back to Central World where my search proved successful! Happy with my loot, I returned to our set meeting point to meet up with Lesley.

Upon our reunion, we were off to Luka Bangkok for brunch at lunch.





I went for a caffeine-free flower tea


And built-my-own plate with Sourdough, Grilled Mushrooms and Poached Egg – all for 130 Baht (SGD5.85). I always feel proud when I manage to hearty brunch for cheap.


I realise building your own breakfast, depending on what you opt for, can result in an affordable filling meal in a cafe setting. Lesley had a savoury-sweet ‘bacon and butter’ french toast complete with a poached egg, bananas and maple syrup.

Satisfied bellies, we walked over to Si Phraya pier to catch the free ferry over to the other side of the river where IconSiam sits.





IconSiam is a gorgeous mall. I believe it is one of the newest malls in Bangkok, and huge! I loved the buzz of the basement food stalls, as well as the modernised traditional interior tastefully designed.





We spent a couple hours wandering around the mall, but hardly made a dent into exploring even half the shops. Perhaps next time!

Our plan was to return to our hotel and wait for Florian to join us. When we got back however, Florian texted to say that he was stuck in immigration and would likely take about an hour to get through. So he asked us to go have dinner first.

Upon her friend’s recommendation, Les and I went to Khrua Nai Baan in Chitlom for some homecooked-style food.



We were treated to these little dumplings before our meal commenced. These were filled with savoury braised turnip and sweet palm sugar. It was confusingly delicious.


We had stir fried Mimosa greens which was interesting. They weren’t quite so soft like spinach because their stems were more crunchy and tough. I liked it and I loved the flavour of the oyster sauce that seasoned it.


We also had Yam Woon Sen TalaySeafood glass noodle salad which was hefty with generous chunks of seafood.


Hot and sour Seafood Soup akin to a clear tomyum soup.


The food here was a lot more Chinese than it was Thai in their offerings. They were competently executed and affordable, all within a clean, comfortable, cool setting. I ended up ordering a Crab Fried Rice (THB60/SGD2.70) for Florian’s dinner which was aptly cooked and filling.

We had a happy reunion with Florian and Zen later that evening, quickly catching up before we took our sleepy selves to bed, excited for the weekend ahead!

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