The Populus Coffee and Food Co., Neil Road.

As much as Florian and I aren’t into cafe hopping, I have to admit that we’ve been doing our fair share of it the last few weeks. This past weekend, we decided to brunch at The Populus before going house hunting. We’ve heard good things about this place but the long queues it draws on weekends never made it very attractive to us. On Friday evening however, while searching for a place to dine on Saturday, I found out that The Populus takes reservations even on weekends. Most of the other cafes around Tanjong Pagar don’t take weekend reservations unless it’s during their off-peak hours – usually in the late afternoon.

I was tempted to try their Avocado Superfood Green Platter but decided to build-my-own since y’know, it came up cheaper if I did. I opted for Multigrain toast, sautéed mushrooms and a two poached egg(s). I think the server misheard and sent me two 64deg C poached eggs instead but no matter.


Lovely crust on the toasted bread. Beautifully seasoned mushrooms. Soft, unctuous, wobbly eggs that were akin to Ya Kun’s only with ever-so-slightly firmer whites able to hold onto themselves. Simple, filling, and delicious.

Florian decided to detour off the Supergreen Platter which was also tempting him initially, and go for the Butter Rum Bananas French Toast.


Soft, spongey brioche with crusty crunchy edges bore very well with the hubsy. The crumbs added texture and the yoghurt provided a bit of tang, keeping the overall sweetness of the dish at bay.


It was a very well put-together, stunning looking sweet brunch for Flo. While I can see the appeal of sweet brunch items, I find that they have the potential to become quite cloying compared to savoury ones.


As with every cafe I lament about, The Populus food items are not too kind on the wallet. That being said, they have a wide, varied menu from usual brunch items to grain bowls that will appeal to mixed groups of diners. They seem to execute their food well, and perhaps because we were early, service was also quite prompt.

One thing we would have appreciated would be if both our orders arrived at the same time – Mine came to our table a good 10 minutes before Florian’s did. We were seated on the second level of the cafe which felt a lot less cramped than the ground level. However, the acoustics isn’t great so noise level crept up exponentially as more people came in.

Still, I wouldn’t hesitate to make a return trip to The Populus if any friends suggest going there. There are a lot of items on their menu I would love to try, and overall, I think Florian and I enjoyed our meal there. It definitely gave us the fuel needed to get through all our 5 viewings scheduled for the day. Well, it fuelled me at least. Florian grabbed a hamburger in between two locations. Lol.

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