We Are One.

29 September 2019, Florian and I celebrated our first anniversary. It’s been a whirlwind of a year as many of you may know. We had a whole lot of highs, and a huge hit-the-ground low. Still, we’re standing together, stronger than ever and looking forward to another year ahead. I expected this anniversary to have me looking huge with our three babies but it wasn’t to be. Perhaps next year.

As we had planned two months ago, we returned to Hai Tien Lo where our wedding dinner reception was held last year. We chose to go for lunch where we had to Lily Set.


1st Course:
Shark’s Fin Melon (aka Spaghetti squash) Soup with Red Dates and Pork Ribs to begin.


Flavourful and sweet. Perfect way to start our meal.

2nd Course:
Trio of Dim Sum.
My favourite course by default, simply because I love dim sum! These three were executed perfectly.


L to R:
Vegetable Crystal Dumpling – I would have loved to have the truffle vegetable dumpling that they served at our wedding but this was delicious nevertheless. Thin translucent skin holding fresh, crisp vegetables.

Deep Fried Prawns Wonton – Not a fan of deep fried food but this was freshly fried and not at all oily. The skin was tasty on its own so it was a bonus to have it filled so generously with big chunks of bouncy, sweet prawns.

Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling) with Tobiko – Loved the plump prawn within the delicate skin. The tobiko on top added nice little pops of flavour and even the shiso leaf when eaten with the dumpling added a lovely herbaceousness that did not overwhelm.

3rd Course:
Wasabi Prawn in Wasabi Mayonnaise topped with a Lotus Root Crisp and Char Siew (Barbecued Pork) with a Honey Glaze.


The pork slices was incredibly tender and we liked that it didn’t have much fat on it. Florian enjoyed good char siew and this won his two thumbs up. I’m not so much into pork but I have to admit that I enjoyed it too.

The Wasabi Prawn on the other hand, was not as crisp and crunchy biting in. The wasabi sauce was not particularly hot either so it didn’t deliver the punch I was hoping for. I did like the lotus root crisp though!

4th Course: Steamed Sea Perch with Soy and Garlic.


Beautifully steamed with soft, supple flesh. The fish yielded to our spoons and melted in our mouths.

5th Course:
Egg Fried Rice with Pan-fried Chicken Roulade in Abalone Sauce.


Really tender, juicy chicken with pretty good fried rice. I still think Din Tai Fung does the best rendition of fried rice. This one arrived a little more on the moist side. I can imagine some people enjoying this more than DTF’s, but I prefer my rice to be more separated.

We were getting stuffed by this point so we finished the proteins, had a few spoonfuls of the carbs and left the rest untouched. The above picture shows a portion for one (very very hungry person). It can easily feed 2-3 people with smaller appetites after the previous four courses.

6th Course: Dessert.


At first look, I assumed this to be a coconut milk dessert with sago. It turned out to be soy bean milk with some beancurd skin, gingko nuts and barley. This was quite refreshing, served cold and thankfully, not too sweet. Perfect for the hot, hazy weather we were experiencing – The haze has more or less left us as we’ve entered the monsoon season ie thunderstorms!

One of the things I said to Florian after we left hospital was that I wanted to take more pictures together, and with our loved ones. So, I’m making a point to try and remember to take pictures when we go out together, just as we did the day before when we had dinner with Mum and Dad. We finally brought them to Brotzeit for Schnitzel, Weisswurst, Pretzels, and we tried a Roast Mackerel which was delicious but much bigger than the serving staff suggested with her hands.


And here we are at one year old.


The events over the last 365 days have matured us a lot. We’ve learned to hang onto each other tightly in the darkest of days, to never take our love for granted, and to make each other laugh even when it seems impossible. It has certainly been an adventure, and it’s only the beginning.

I know that I love Florian more than I did a year ago – something I thought was already impossible because I loved him with all of my heart. Turns out, our hearts can grow and fill up with even more love. I don’t know if I could have got through August if not for him. I’m immensely blessed to have such an awesome man to spend the rest of my life with.

Aside from the thoughtful present Florian made for me (a gorgeous album filled with our wedding photos), I also managed to pick up a present that I made for myself more than a month ago. I wanted something that I could have with me to symbolise our angels. So I returned to the jeweller who did our wedding bands, and she helped me make the ring a reality.

It’s a raw gold ring with three sapphires set within. There’s a blue sapphire, a pink sapphire, and a purple sapphire placed in the order our babies were born. The band itself is plain, but I hope that in time, I can adorn it with stones to represent the babies Florian and I will be blessed with.


The ring was scheduled to be ready only in end-October. It was a pleasant surprise to have Cheryl contact me on 30 September informing me that it was ready. I’m in love with it! Anyone who knows me knows that all the jewellery that I wear on a day-to-day basis hold meaning to me. This ring goes without saying.

I know I don’t really need a ring to remember our babies, but I guess I try to grab at whatever I can because I fear forgetting. That fear has subsided mostly now compared to a month ago. Still, it’s comforting to know that they’ll always be with me in a small way that means so much to me.

As mentioned in my last post, I’m starting an online magazine on raising awareness of pregnancy/infant loss. Please join me over at


and follow us. It’s still in its early days but I pray it will bloom and grow with your support.

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