Amalfi to Positano, Italy.

21 Jul 2019 – Sunday. 

Unlike the previous day, Flo and I were quick to book the 10.30am shuttle (via our B&B host) down to Amalfi Coast. We came across this lemon stand that was selling lemon desserts and limoncello inside, and I couldn’t resist grabbing one of them hulk-sized lemons to pose with.


It was only after Flo had snapped the photo that he pointed out the me the sign behind saying ‘Don’t touch the fruit please‘. Oops!

At the beginning of our holiday, we wanted to try to take photos of every fountain we topped water up at. It didn’t quite work out, but this was one of the fountains we remembered to snap. Of course, it had to be the one with a lady shooting water from her boobs.


Even though we’d had breakfast before leaving our B&B, Flo couldn’t resist stopping at Andrea Pansa – a patisserie highly recommended by his big boss.


It was busy early on but we managed to snag a table out front upon arrival.


Inside sits a wide array of gorgeous Italian pastries. My only gripe was that they didn’t label any of them so you either point and cross your fingers it’s something you like, or you go for something that looks safe.


Flo opted for the Lemon Cream Sfogliatelle, or lobster tail for how it looks.


This was absolutely glorious. The thin layers of pastry wrapped were incredibly crisp and light, shattering to give way to the most luscious, smoothest, lemon pastry cream.


The cream was undoubtedly fresh and didn’t have the thick, gelatinous texture of instant cream that generally puts me off ordering anything with pastry cream.

After people-watching for a bit, and seeing how the sun was quickly inching towards us, we decided we had little left to do in Amalfi, and bought bus tickets to get us to Positano.


I actually enjoyed Positano a lot more than Amalfi. We missed the ‘main stop’ and had to walk our already aching legs (from the day before) back down towards the town centre. Positano, unlike most of the town we’d visited through Italy, is unique in that it is built in a zig-zag manner along the mountain’s slopes leading down towards the centre.


It is a lot more colourful as well with bursts of green from the trees and pinks from the flowers.



They had really cute boutique shops lined along the streets leading to the main centre. A lot are very ‘beachy’ and while tempting to go in, I didn’t have the urge to really shop. Perhaps some air-con inside would have changed my mind…


Entering their main centre was like uncovering a secret garden. I loved the overhead trellis that had plants growing over to provide shade. It wasn’t a centre, centre. It still consisted of a single winding path leading towards the beachside, rather than a main circle or piazza filled with shops and eateries. At least, that was the path Flo and I followed.


Gelato time!


And the little gelato mouse doing her nibbling…


The beach at Positano, like all the beaches in summer in Italy, was packed with sunbathers, and swimmers, and small boats.


We found a nice spot in the shade to sit and watch the world go by.


Before dinner at Ristorante Buca di Bacco. We figured that since we chose against visiting Capri, thus saving money on a return ferry trip for two as well as the ski lift thing we would have gone on, we may as well treat ourselves to a nice dinner.


Being early meant that we managed a table just by the window, where we could gaze out to the sea.


Cozze Cozze!! Generous portion of cozze (mussels) in a delicious tomato stew, all lapped up by yours truly!


Some spinach because greens are always good!


And Scialatielli ai Frutti di Mare for my man, ie Seafood with scialatielli which looks a lot like tagliatelle but is only a few inches long.


The pasta was really awesome – loved the ample fresh seafood and the noodles did a great job sopping up all the flavour of the sauce.


Yup! Can’t go to the seaside and not have seafood that’s for sure!


One happy man, two happy tummies! (Five including the three that were in my belly!).

We decided to take the ferry back to Amalfi Coast where we planned to then hop on the bus to return to our B&B.


I think Positano impressed both Flo and I enough such that if we were to return, we’d make Positano our ‘base’. We both enjoyed the laid back feel of the town and how it wasn’t as packed as Amalfi.


The ferry ride back was nice, especially being able to see the town from the sea instead of from a bird’s eye view when we arrived by bus.


We arrived in Amalfi, bought our tickets, and had a few minutes before the bus was due to leave. First priority? One more gelato. 


It was a dash thereafter to the bus but thankfully, we scored a couple of seats in a bus that was overfilled with passengers.

I don’t think I’m too much of a fan of the Amalfi Coast even though I cannot deny that it is beautiful. I guess the crowds of people is a little off-putting for me, even though as a tourist, I realise I also contributed to the ‘crowd’. I prefer more quiet and a slower pace of life when on holiday. Then again, I say that but when I’m really in a place that’s off the beaten track, I won’t lie and say I never complain about being bored. Alas, the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? 

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