Hamburg Stopover.

We spent the 6th and 7th July weekend around Hamburg. It was really a touch and go trip because we were there specially for Flo’s good friend’s wedding. It was located in an old castle about a 2 hour drive away from the city.

The Hamburg weather was decent when we arrived. The ceremony took place without a hitch. It was simple, elegant and quite beautiful.


After the vows were exchanged, we walked back to the old castle, which looks a lot more like a manor, where the skies turned grey and rain started to pelter down. It went on and off, on and off for a good couple of hours, while the cute couple tried to carry on with photo taking. It was too cold and wet for me and I started to feel sick from all the standing. Babies were obviously a little uncomfy and told me so by making me throw up.


The initial plan as we heard was to have tea outside on the expansive lawn, but the grumpy weather continued and we were finally led indoors, into the warmth.


The newlyweds cut into their magnificent cake, each layer a different flavour.


There was another table on the side filled with more cakes – cheesecake, fruit cake, tortes… And another one at the other end of the room filled with sweets, chocolates, brownies. It was sugar heaven. I didn’t think 100 guests would be able to finish the lot, but polish off nearly everything they did! In Singapore where people are so weight and health-conscious, the wedding cake above would have been more than enough, with more to spare.

There was an open bar as well for guests to ease into the evening’s programme.


At around 7pm, we were ushered into the dining hall where we were served a soup to begin. Flo said this is a very traditional wedding soup in Germany. It was rather on the salty side, and had pieces of egg, white asparagus and potatoes, as well as a grain that resembled Israeli couscous.


Thereafter, the rest of dinner was served buffet-style out in the cold. Brrr! They had meats that were smoked on the spot being served so we had a choice of smoked beef, lamb, chicken, fish and cheese for vegetarians, and there was also a table of cold salads. I would have loved to go for fish but swordfish was the fish of choice for the day, so chicken it was. I have to admit that the chicken was well cooked – exceptionally tender and juicy.


It was a long few hours thereafter, for me at least because I was tired beyond words. We took our leave around 1am, back to the BnB that we were sharing with Jens and Les. I don’t think German weddings are particularly my thing because they last a long time. Of course, that’s not to say I will never ever attend another.

Next morning, we checked out and drove to the city centre to have a look around, and to find some breakfast. We found the only cafe that seemed open and they were offering an all-you-can-eat breakfast without an option for ala-carte. Offerings weren’t great but we made do.

The town we were in, Celle, is full of quaint, dated buildings.


They looked even prettier because the weather was gorgeous.


BUT. As we all know, weather in Germany can be so unpredictable and by the time we were back in Hamburg, the weather took an abrupt turn. Warmth turned to cold and sunny skies turned into threatening clouds that unleashed rain upon us while we were in Hamburg city. Just as well we’d already had our fill of Bismarkherring Brötchen from dock 10 and were already on the way back to the car – only had to run a few hundred metres in the rain to reach it!


Sidenote: Couldn’t be sure if pickled herring is safe pregnancy food so sadly, I couldn’t have one to myself. Instead, I had a bite of Flo’s and had to be satisfied with it. So much yum especially when it’s off my current menu.

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