Days 3-5 Zurich, Switzerland.

03 Jul 2019 Wed.

Midweek, upon Flo’s recommendation, I walked to the lake once more, but this time, going to the right side of it instead of my usual left.


I also walked a different route that was off the Bahnhofstrasse, and found myself appreciating a lot of the architecture of the building along the way.


The right side of the lake also had a little garden where people were lazing on the grass, walking their dogs and doing the usual morning shenanigans that Swiss people enjoy doing on a lazy weekday morning.


Flo had mentioned that further down, there was a public bath. I walked further down to reach it thinking it would be a bigger park not unlike the one to the left of the lake. I only found out upon reaching that it was an area that you had to pay to get into so I scrapped that idea and returned to this first place.


There were boats docked in the marina.


And some benches facing the calm of the lake. So I picked a spot and did some reading.


Thereafter, as the sun raised a little higher, I carried on back towards the main city, still finding reasons to be in awe of it.


From the South of the city, I walked all the way up to the North where the University Park was.


I love how Zurich is filled with greenery and water. It’s such a beautiful, calming balance. It makes the air feel so fresh and even in the heat, there are lovely spots to cool off under.




Found another reading spot to continue with my book while resting my feet.


After this stop, I made my way back to the hotel to be a lump the rest of the evening. Dinner was at Hiltl – the oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant in the world. It’s similar to Tibits (I believe Tibits are a spinoff from Hiltl), and basically, you fill your plate with whatever you want from the myriad of dishes that they have, and based on weight, you pay.



Being in Switzerland means that your plate is generally never very cheap. Haha. I told Flo to avoid adding gravy on our plates because that’s unnecessary weight.


The food was pretty awesome although as with all things, there were some hits and some misses. Thankfully more of the former than the latter. The food somehow managed to sit quite heavy in my tummy that evening so we took a nice stroll after dinner before retiring for the evening.


04 Jul 2019 – Thu.

Next morning, I had on my agenda a walk to the Aqueduct area. But first, a daily walk to the lake. And a short read.


My reason for wanting to go to Gerwerbeschule which was a bit of a walk out of the main city was because Zen had shared with me that a friend of his from when they were in culinary/hospitality school in Lucerne, had a little coffee cafe running there.



The area is quite ‘hipster’ and the coffee shop was a little hidden within a residential area. Still, there was a hive of people rushing in and out for their morning coffee. I believe they are barista champions, hence the good coffee and strong following.


Since breakfast was still digesting, I had to skip the tempting looking pastries. I also had to skip the coffee unfortunately.


I settled instead for the Rooibos tea.


Unfortunately, Zen’s friend was out that morning owing to a late night the night before. I did meet her partner who was very warm and hospitable though.

After the tea, I carried on further to the aqueduct. There was quite a lot of construction work going on there but the area within the curve was quite lovely. They had lots of concept stores as well as bistros and restaurants.


There was also a huge park where children and parents were playing under the gentle rays of the sun. It looked the perfect place to go with friends to relax and not worry about a thing.


It was quite a walk and I was pretty tired after covering the whole of Zurich from bottom up. So as usual, I spent the rest of the day resting my feet before Flo and I had our picnic dinner up at Lindenhof once more.


Dessert was Täuscher truffles. We had the white chocolate ones first.


They weren’t anywhere as sweet as I thought they would be. I think they were still dark chocolate, just covered in icing instead of cocoa. And their liquid centres were just heavenly – rich and smooth and luxuriant. They weren’t very small but they went down too quickly.


05 Jul 2019 – Friday.

Too quickly, my week exploring Zurich city had flown by but I think it was the perfect amount of time to see most things I wanted to see. Any longer and I would have needed more company.

Skipping the lake because of all the hustle and bustle from the festival set up, I went to the old botanical gardens.


The grounds weren’t particularly big but there were some pretty flowers to be seen.


The garden is set up a lot like a small hill. So you go up, up, up and at the top, there’s a little viewing point.


It wasn’t particularly busy at all but they were people taking their morning walk around there which was nice, otherwise I might have felt a little too alone.


I enjoyed the quiet and the stillness of the old botanical garden. I haven’t yet been to the big botanical garden in Zurich as I wanted to save it for our next trip… which might be when we actually move there for good. Maybe.




Once I’d had my fill of greenery, I walked back down and went in search for something for our bubs.


Flo and I thought we’d pick up a little onesie for our babies – one in Germany, one in Switzerland and one in Italy, since these three countries comprised our holiday this time around. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find anything fitting in Germany. We found a onesie and a pair of socks in Italy but my poor judgement meant that that one’s size was quite a bit smaller than this one I bought in Zurich. Boo! Anyway, still super cute and I’m still super happy with this set!


After this picture was taken, I walked over to the tram station to get a ticket to the airport where I was to meet Flo for the main course of our holiday – ITALY!!!!

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