Zurich: Days 3 & 4.

01 Jul 2019 – Mon.

First thing Monday after breakfast, I walked Flo to his office which was a mere 8 min walk away, before walking further towards the Zurich Lake.


It was still quite early in the morning so it was nice and cool, the skies were a gorgeous blue and the water in the lake was crisp and clear. Flo was right when he said you can actually see right to the bottom of the lake through the water because it’s that crystal.


I wandered around the gardens situated next to the lake, watching people taking a dip, mummies pushing baby strollers, joggers jogging past, couples walking their dog. It was a hive of peaceful activity.


I found a spot to read and people watch. You’ll see many photos of my book in the next few posts where I’d stop and read a few chapters before carrying on exploring the city. I managed to finish my book just before we left Zurich which was just as well because it was meant to accompany me while Flo was at work.


Zurich lake was also an area I visited almost every day apart from the last day we were there. Towards the end of the week, the lake wasn’t quite so serene because they were putting up tents and structures and sound systems for the Zurich festival that was to happen Friday and Saturday, right after Flo and I left. So I gave my second favourite place in Zurich a miss on Friday morning because it was too noisy and teeming with construction work.


As the sun crept up, I decided to go back towards the main city area to look at some of the landmarks I’d pinpointed prior to our trip. I walked to Grossmünster…


Admired its architecture and its age, before I carried on, past the river that cut through the city where people were fattening up the swans with stale bread…


Walked under one of their many bridges…


Admired more of their architecture…


Before reaching another old landmark, Fraumünster – a lovely 11th Century church. I believe the church is open for entry at certain times of the day, but when I went, the interior was closed otherwise, I would have loved to have gone in to see their famous Chagall windows.



Still, I was able to wander around their compounds, silently ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the beauty of it all.


Loved the archways!




Most of my mornings in Switzerland started early and by lunch, I always managed to clock 10 000 – 12 000 steps, sometimes more. Lunch was usually a simple affair bought from Coop City just 2 min from our hotel, and consumed in our hotel room. Thereafter, I’d spend the afternoon lazing around until Flo ended work and we’d either eat somewhere, or pick up dinner and find a nice spot to eat it.

On Monday, we bought a few things form Coop, before taking a short hike – and I mean like, 10min up winding, steep alleyways, to get to Lindenhof. I mentioned Zurich lake being my second favourite place in the city. Well, that’s because Lindenhof was my favourite.


I loved how just a short walk up could lead to a gorgeous view of Aldstadt (Old town). And while it wasn’t the highest of places, it was lovely being able to look down and soak in the entire vibe and energy of the city while digging into the sweetest strawberries, munching on cheese, and filling our tummies.


The simplest things are really the most wonderful things!

02 Jul 2019 – Tue.

Tuesday morning, despite the forecast suggesting rain, it looked to be another clear day. So once Flo and I had parted ways, I once again made my way towards the lake. Nearing the lake, I found a little farmer’s market going on.


It was a bit of a bummer we didn’t have a little pantry to cook in otherwise, I would have loved to pick up some fresh produce. Everything looked incredibly tempting! There were booths piled high with big chunks of cheese…


The smell of fresh bread wafted through the air. I could hardly contain the envy at watching people pick out fresh loaves of bread to take home.


There were stalls selling fresh flowers, and there were others selling a wide array of vegetables, fish, or meats. If we lived near Zurich city, I’d be here every week, or whenever this market was opened – I’m assuming Tuesdays because I didn’t come across it the rest of the time we were there.



From the market to the lake, the skies suddenly turned grey and I could feel the lightest patter of drizzle on my head. I managed to find shelter at the head of the lake just at the heavens opened.

Thankfully, I had my book to keep my company, as well as a couple of elderly men who continued with their fishing under the gazebo. They didn’t manage to catch anything while we were there a good 40min.


When the rain finally let up a little, I decided to try and make for our hotel since I hadn’t a clue if it was going to come pouring down again, or when it was going to clear. On the way, I stopped by teuscher, a chocolate wonderland, partly because I wanted to buy some champagne truffles that I’d heard many good things about, and partly to get a breather from the heavy drizzle outside.


So much yum!


I bought two dark chocolate champagne truffles, and two white ones. You’ll get to see them luscious balls of deliciousness in my next post.

After leaving teuscher, I found that the rain had let up so instead of returning to the hotel, I decided to make my way to Niederdorf. It’s located by the Aldstadt and is an area known for being a little alternative.


It was still early when I reached Niederdorf so not many shops were opened yet. Still, it was nice to soak in the atmosphere without the hustle and bustle that comes with the afternoon when more tourists are out.


There were lots of cute little shops around, and eateries littered the small alleyways.




When I’d had enough, I took a stroll back to the main city along the river.


And wandered around without bothering to track where I was going since it’s nice to get a little lost sometimes. Moreover, Zurich city is pretty small so there’s hardly a chance of getting really lost especially with GoogleMaps by my side.


In this picture below, you can see Lindenhof where Flo and I had our picnic dinner the previous evening. At the bottom half of the photo is the baden – a public bath. This one is for women if I recall correctly.


In the evening, I met Flo just round the corner from his office, in front of Sprüngli. He’d been raving about their Luxemburgerli, so we decided we’d buy a box of 4 to try after dinner.


Luxemburgerli are essentially mini macarons.


Sprüngli also sells decadent looking cakes…


As well as confectionary and chocolates.


They also have a cafe but we gave it a miss this trip. Flo mentioned they have really good breakfasts but since we had breakfasts provided every morning at our hotel, it didn’t make sense to spend on a crazy expensive first meal of the day.

Anyway, after our quick stop in Sprüngli, we walked back towards Niederdorf for dinner at Rheinfelder Bierhalle. Flo mentioned that their Cordon Bleus were the best, but I wasn’t up for anything so sinful that evening and really just wanted soup.

I tried their Broccoli Soup which was really salty and tasted very much of stock cube.


Flo had his extra large Cordon Bleu which he was really excited to dig into.


But he had to wait for me to take a picture with it first.


He was a little disappointed with it though because he remembered the cordon bleu to be less oily, more chunky, and more extra large.

I didn’t just have the watery, salty soup for dinner, don’t you worry. I also ordered a cheese sandwich. Of course, I was expecting white sandwich bread but this came with thick, ‘real’ bread as Flo would call it. This came after Flo had finished his food because they’d apparently run out of bread and we were about to cancel but they said that the sandwich was already being made blah blah blah so I did end up being served.


I wasn’t so hot about the thick layer of butter they’d slathered onto the bread but the cheese was decent and the bread was good. It was heavy so I packed half to bring back.

Dessert was luxemburgerli back in our room.



We had the rhubarb and the pistachio ones to try. The next day we had the salted caramel and the passionfruit lime.


The citrus and fruity flavours were really delicious, while the pistachio and salted caramel were a little less impressive. Truly though, they are mini versions of the macaron so they didn’t blow me away the way I’d hoped, what with Flo raving about how awesome they were. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice, just… nothing special for what they are and the price they command.

On a side note, I love these pretty eggs that are sold in Switzerland. They’re known as picnic eggs and are already hard-boiled for you so they were perfect snacks for me throughout the trip. Of course, I didn’t buy these because our hotel provided hard boiled eggs in the morning, so I’d snatch one or two up to snack on in the day time.


Still, these are great! No need to go through the trouble of boiling your own!

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