Bittersweet Goodbyes.

In early April, we fostered our second dog, Truffles. He was only a puppy – a tiny, skinny, timid little thing that we couldn’t go near to for a few days. It took about a month to get him out of his shell, and to trust us wholly.


Florian and I expected him to be adopted quickly what with him being a cute little puppy. We went for his first adoption drive in May where there were quite a few interested couples and families, but heard nothing back from the shelter about their interest. We reckon Truffles not being HDB-approved yet may have hindered the process.


Whatever the case, Flo and I enjoyed having him with us. Sure, he turned out to be a naughty little boy, showing his mischievous puppy side from time to time, but we grew to love him so much.

I loved how every morning, he’d be waiting near the door for me to come out of our room, then sit next to me to get his morning scratch in while we accompanied Florian for breakfast. I loved watching him prance around the living room, jumping onto his toys and chewing on them with vigour. I loved how he’d lap up his food and look to me, anticipating for more to come even though it never happened once. Mid-afternoon, I’d sometimes give him a treat and he’d know to ‘Sit‘ and ‘Paw‘, and more recently ‘Down‘ and ‘Up‘. Truffles is an incredibly lovable, intelligent puppy and quick to learn new things especially where treats are involved.


Once Truffles had all his vaccinations down, Flo and I brought him regularly-isn to the dog park nearby to run around. And boy, did he sprint around the park doing laps, running from Flo at one end of the compound, to me at the other end, each time we called his name. He’d roll in the grass and give himself a good back rub. He’d plant his nose right into the green before plopping his whole body down, and he’d happily go say Hi to all the big dogs in an attempt to engage in play with them. Still, in the midst of all the excitement, Truffles would still run back to Flo and I to ‘check’ on us.


Without realising it, 2.5 months passed and Truffles grew so much not only in terms of size, but also in his personality. He’d chase his tail from time to time, and whenever I was at the table doing work, he’d lie beside, content, for hours on end, much to my surprise.

Once in a while, Flo and I would let him off his leash to run around our estate, but Truffles always made sure he could see us, and us, him. As soon as we called his name, he’d come running back, and as long as our balcony door was opened, he still seemed to prefer dashing back home than staying out too long.

Sure, I had to clean his pee pad daily because he’s still too young to keep it all in for long periods of time, but Truffles has since been grass-trained. Sure, I had to clear his fur off our floor every couple days, but it was a small matter compared to how often he put a smile to our faces. Sure, he made mistakes, but he’s still a puppy and I can only imagine how awesome he’ll be all grown up.

Florian and I considered back and forth adopting him officially, but with our triplets on the way, we knew we had to be realistic. We wouldn’t be able to give Truffles the attention and time he needs. We wouldn’t be able to play with him the way we do now, or take him for long walks. While we would have loved to foster him a little longer, we’re also due for a month long holiday starting tonight. So with some pushing, the shelter managed to find Truffles his furever home.

On Tuesday evening, his new family came over to pick him up. Truffles was expectedly anxious and when it was time to go, he wouldn’t walk with them so I had to walk him to the carpark. And carry him into the car, quickly closing the door behind him. He looked disorientated and unsure. Suddenly, I felt the same. As his new family pulled away from the parking lot, I couldn’t help tearing up, thinking how fearful, alone, confused Truffles had to be. And when I entered the lift to come home, I bawled.


Truffles’ pawrent has been giving me lots of updates about him and while I believe it was a little rough for him the first day, he’s settling in well. I know he’ll be fine. Truffles is tougher than he appears and I believe he will get all the love and attention that he needs. This last picture is one I took before his family came to pick him up. Obviously he was more fixated on some dust on the floor…

Truffles will always hold a special place in our hearts – watching him turn from a helpless pitiful pooping machine to a confident, affectionate, cheeky boy made our time and patience worthwhile. I pray he will continue to grow in confidence and blossom further under the love and care of his furever family. xx


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