Sweet like Truffles.

On the 9th of April, we took Truffles home with us. Kawaii settled really quickly into his furever home and we were told of a little puppy that needed to be fostered stat or he might end up with fear aggression.

On the first Sunday of Kawaii’s departure, Flo and I made our way to the shelter to meet Truffles. They had named him Giggles and although we’re not supposed to change it, he had only just been given that name and I didn’t think it suited him so tough. Of course, his future adopters will likely change his name anyway so Truffles it is for now.

When we met Truffles, he was in such fear that all he did was huddle into himself and quake in fear as we tried to soothe him. He refused to look at us. Basically, he was pretty much frozen, scampering only once into the store room so that he could plant himself amongst the dustpans in a bid to camouflage himself.


We were told that he didn’t require a second interaction as is usually the case, so on Tuesday, with Mum and Dad’s help with transportation, we got the poor little fella home.


He gave him an area by the balcony where we hoped he would enjoy people/animal watching the way Kawaii did. We also got him an old blanket hoping that it would provide him with some comfort since he was no longer with his two sisters.


He hardly moved, so Flo and I managed to get a box off the aunty at the 24 hour supermarket and he cut it into a nice little crate for Truffles.


He spent a lot of time in the crate than out even though his lanky frame didn’t give him much room inside of it. After a few days though, he did start to venture out of his box, especially when the heat got too much I presume, to lay on the cool floor. The moment we looked at him though, he’d scamper off into his box.


I thought that the crate was becoming too much of a crutch, but at the same time, we know how important it is for Truffles to feel safe. We let him have the crate a couple more days until he started to show signs that he was starting to become more comfortable with us.


Thankfully, our dear Truffles is very food motivated and he still needs to gain a bit more weight. He was all skin and bones when he first came and he’s gained in the last week or so, but his ribs are still a little too obvious especially when he stands up.


We can now approach Truffles, feed him by hand, and stroke him without him skittering away as though his life depended on it. We have the pen open in the day and he’s only just started venturing out a bit more the last couple of days. He’s also a lot more alert and curious, and beginning to chew on his toys just as a puppy ought to.


We’re going to try and give him a bath this weekend because this baby boy is a smelly one and we gave him a pass last weekend since we thought he might freak out. This week, he’s too smelly to get away with it.

Truffles is an incredible adorable puppy. He’s about 4 months old now and I’m thinking with his long legs and big paws, is likely to grow into a big handsome dog. He’s got the loveliest floppy ears and cutest puppy dog eyes. He’s starting to respond when I call him to ‘Come‘ (of course, there has to be treats involved) and he’s such a gentle soul. I cannot wait to see more of his personality as he comes out of his shell.

It looks like Truffles suffered from some kind of trauma as a baby, and it can’t be easy being separated from his mummy and siblings so I hope that the progress he’s made the last 16 days will only continue by leaps and bounds. At the rate he’s progressing, I’m sure he’ll be adopted in no time. And I can tell you that I’ll miss this sweet puppy when that day comes. As much as I’d love to say I hope it doesn’t come for a long time more, I know that him going to a good home filled with love is something he truly deserves.

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