Kawaii Goes Home.

Today, Kawaii leaves the first home he has ever known – the Rennetan Home. I don’t know if he really understands that he’s leaving, but I believe he has a gut feeling and has been a bit more mopey the last few days. Also, he’s been taking every opportunity to claim belly rubs from us.

Since joining us, Kawaii has grown so much. From keeping to himself, he’s come to look for us whenever he wants affection, whines when he wants to go for his walk especially when he needs to relieve himself, dances before his meals are set down, wags his tail furiously whenever Florian and I return home from being out a while. He knows to sit when he smells a treat, but still doesn’t get the concept of only sitting on command. He’s a funny one, and he’s our first foster dog so he’ll always have a piece of our hearts.

A few weeks ago, we brought Kawaii out for dinner with Alex and Amanda, and to meet Zack, their 2-year-old doggo. They became fast friends although Kawaii as usual, contented himself by people watching, while Zack happily decided to crawl into every tiny space and bark at the occasional person or dog. They were so much the opposite of each other, which probably worked out for the best since Kawaii’s mellow nature enabled him to balance out Zack’s active personality.


After dinner, we brought these two pals to the dog park nearby. I was apprehensive about entering at first because there was a large husky and a German shepherd already occupying the area. I feared that these two mid-sized dogs had nothing against their big-sized counterparts.

Turns out, I needn’t have worried. Kawaii set about doing his usual sniff-and-mark ritual around the border of the park, while Zack tried to intimidate the other two dogs, growling, barking and jumping up on them. Whenever this happened, Kawaii would pause, run over to investigate, and try to diffuse the situation. Or gang up with Zack against the big dogs.


In the end, the two boys caused enough distress to the husky and the shepherd that their owners whisked them home soon after. The husky, which stayed a little longer, upon being abandoned by the German shepherd, suddenly found itself sitting pitifully by the fence. It was obvious that it was pining to leave the dog park, or rather, leave Zack and Kawaii, so it was quickly brought out.

And the twosome had the entire park to themselves…


Only to realise that they had nothing else to do.

We tried throwing a ball we found within the compound but the dim lighting kept making Zack lose sight of it and Kawaii, let’s not even go there. He won’t fetch anything for you and will only go after something if it’s food, or smells of food.


So this is Kawaii now, just over a month since being with us. He’s a lot more relaxed and less bothered by the comings and goings of what’s going on around our home. He still enjoys sitting by the window at the balcony, on his fuzzy blanket, and watching the world outside. On rainy days, he enjoys listening to the pitter-patter of water outside while napping.


Kawaii’s not shy at all in asking us for belly rubs, pawing at us when he’s yearning badly for some. He also still comes to sit by the kitchen whenever I’m baking, simply to observe while hoping for a scratch when I do pop out every so often.

Some recent bakes since I’ve not been updating much about my cakes.


Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons with Coconut, Passionfruit, Cardamom Ganache.


Strawberry Cake with Walnut Streusel.


Lychee Cake (Tier 1), and Chocolate Cake (Tier 2), for a How to Train Your Dragon-themed first birthday.

Despite all the cake baking, I’ve only baked Wholewheat Cinnamon Pumpkin Treats for Kawaii once and they’ve lasted since because he’s only been allowed them once in a while. He’s trimmed down quite a lot since he first arrived, so he’s quite a stud now. He’s generally not a long, lanky dog, so I think he’s very nearly at his ideal size and weight now.


It’s been tough loving with rationed treats, long walks and not too much food. So much so that he was hungry the other night while Flo and I were out and he managed to knock his container of treats down and steal some. He did leave a few behind, I’ll give him that. I’ve since upped his meal portions since the walks he’s been going for probably warrant that compared to when he was at the shelter and hardly going out much.


We tried to take our first three-fie together the other night while out on our walk but it was dark so it wasn’t the best of pictures.

I’m leaving you with this video of Kawaii when it’s dinner time. He never fails to make my heart swell whenever he gallops around the house or does his little pre-meal dance. I’m sure he will make his new family very happy, and I pray that they will love him as much as Florian and I do. I pray that they will accept his quirks, all the good and not-so-good ones, and that they will shower him with affection more than treats, bring him for the walks he loves so much, and shower him every week so he’s kept smelling nice and his coat remains glossy. Most of all, I pray that Kawaii will be happy, every day, and that he will think of us. And if he ever managed to escape from his harness again, I hope he’ll find his way back to us for a visit.

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