Down and Out.

Arroooooof!! It’s me, Kawaii, again. I’m back with more tales of my life with my fosterers, Natalie and Florian.

Last week, I fell ill with Kennel cough. It isn’t a very nice sickness to have because it got me feeling quite tired. Natalie tried to wrap me up like a burrito to keep me warm but when Flo came home, I couldn’t resist shrugging blankie off so that I could go say hi to him.


Next morning, excited about our morning walk got me into a coughing fit. Natalie said it sounded like an old man clearing this through of phlegm. I’m not an old man but I did cough out globs of mucus that Natalie had to clean up multiple times.

Later that afternoon, Natalie brought me to this place nearby. There were other sick animals there and after waiting a few minutes, we went into this room that smelled of lots of disinfectant. Don’t ask me how I know what that is. I just do. Anyway, this other lady, she checked my teeth and stuck something up my bum bum for a minute which made me very uncomfortable. Natalie tried to soothe me but I was still shaking after the thing was pulled out and the lady said I didn’t have something called a ‘fever‘.

Since coming home, Natalie has been putting something into my food. I can’t quite put my paw on what it is but it makes my food taste a little odd. Still, when I’m hungry I lap everything up and lick my bowl clean. Nothing like a warm tummy to make me sleepy.


Something I’ve come to enjoy doing is sitting in front of the no-go zone while Natalie is working, whipping up nice-smelling stuff in this hot cupboard. It’s like magic. They go in looking all liquid-looking, and come out all puffy and smelling of heaven. Sometimes I give her my puppy-dog eyes but she hasn’t given me even a crumb to lick aside from some hard chewy biscuits she keeps in a jar. I saw Natalie bake them last time but she doesn’t give them out very often. They must be very precious. She only gives them to me when I sit. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. More recently I try to sit whenever I can in hopes for a treat. Funny how I only get it when Natalie says ‘sit‘. When I sit on my own accord, I get nothing more than a pat or a scratch.


The thing is, when I watch to be scratched, I will go to Natalie or Florian and lick or paw them. I don’t want to be scratched when I sit. I want a treat! That said, I do enjoy being scratched, especially behind my ears and around my throat. Mmmm…


And did I mention my belly…

I’m getting better and better every day. So much so that last Tuesday, I felt so awesome that when I went for my morning walk with Natalie, I decided to escape from my harness. Natalie tried to catch me a few times but hah! I’m too slick for her. The few times she got her arms around me in a bid to get the harness back on me, I wriggled my way out from under her armpits and dashed to as many trees and bushes as I could. It was my game of “How many plants can I pee on before Natalie catches me“. I don’t know if she understood what the rules were.

She followed me for a while and called out to me. I was having too much fun and decided to start playing Catch. So, every time she got nearer to me, I sped off. I did a poo at one point and it was the fastest I ever poo-pooed because I had to go to the next tree before Natalie caught up with me. Thank God her picking up my poop bade me some time.

I think Natalie got a bit bored of our game and I found her shaking her head and walking away. So I followed. She turned around a few times so I know she was waiting for me to catch up. Only, I got distracted by a bunch of pesky pigeons and tried to follow them when they took off. Just that, I couldn’t seem to lift off the ground. When I turned back, I couldn’t find Natalie anymore.

After all the play, I decided I was getting tired and thirsty. Since Natalie wasn’t around, I thought it best to meet her at home. We walk the same route every morning – I know because I’ve marked all the best spots where we walk. I walked past the community garden area where I love having a nosy round, then I walked off the park connector towards some places that smell of bread and curry – I know this because the workers at Jurong Island used to let me try some of theirs.

I turned and headed along the stretch with lots of funny smelling smoke – Natalie says it is incense, which was mixed with the smell of rubber tyres from shops selling funny looking cars with two wheels. I even crossed the road myself and I know that once I cross the road, I’m very nearly home. All I wanted to do at this point was lap up lots of water and sleep on the nice cool floor at home, especially with the sun beating down on my back.

I walked some more until I could see the place where Natalie and Florian live. Then this car pulls up and I see Natalie’s mummy. I know this because they visit me often and I know her smell. She smells nice. I don’t know why but she kept calling my name and walking with me until we reached the gates leading into home. It’s not like I don’t know where I live. Natalie’s mummy let me into the house and oooh! The taste of cool water quenched my thirst. I looked around for Natalie but she still wasn’t home. I wondered if she got the memo to meet me back here. She did get a head-start after all.

About 10-15 minutes after I got home, I finally heard her voice from behind the front door. I mustered all my energy up to greet her. I was so so happy to see Natalie!! Maybe she was playing hide and seek but since I didn’t know, she gave up and finally appeared. I thought that maybe she’d be angry with me from not ‘seeking’ her but she gave me hugs and scratched me so all was well. I spent the rest of the day napping mostly after all the fun things we did in the morning, and because the solo walk home where I had to do a whole lot of sniffing to make sure I was on the right track really tired me out.


Oh. Natalie removed my collar because the vet said it would be better for my cough. That really helped me win at my games because she couldn’t get hold of me at all. My collar makes it easy to hold me back but that’s really cheating. Anyway, I guess I’m not really sick anymore because the next day, Natalie put my collar back on together with my harness while we were out. I was really excited when we reached the part where we had that big game and thought we would do it again. We didn’t.


I guess Natalie and Florian’s home is now my home and I love them enough to find my way back. Also, it’s kind of where I get good food and fresh water so that’s a huge plus. The cherry on top is getting free belly rubs whenever I want! I used to think that I could rough it out on the streets since I was y’know, what they call a stray, but I think I could get used to this life. For now at least.


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