Maroon 5. Matilda. March.

It’s been an exciting month. Earlier this March, Florian asked if I was free one Thursday. I was. And so, Thursday turned into date night at Maroon 5‘s one-night-only concert here in Singapore. Flo managed to get some tickets at the last minute so away we went!


It was my first time inside the National Stadium and it was huge!!


It was a really nice stadium and our seats were very comfortable although the seating areas were all quite a distance from the main stage.


It was incredibly fun with Maroon 5’s repertoire of songs that went all the way back to the 2000’s. Some songs were nostalgic – I remember singing along when they played on the radio back when I was still in school. Songs like Girl with the Broken Smile. And then there were the more recent ones like Sugar.


A snippet for you!

He took his top off a few times so of course the crowd (the girls mainly) went wild. I didn’t know he was so tattooed up. Liked his Supreme underwear though.


We had so much fun although I reckon it’d have been more fun at the standing area where we’d have been able to dance more. It being Singapore, most people stayed seated so standing up and dancing would have been a little embarrassing, for me at least, since I have no sense of rhythm.


The concert ended quite promptly just after 10pm, which was just as well since it was a work day the next day. Maroon 5 was entertaining more because of the songs that the performance itself. Loved that each member of the band managed to have the spotlight on themselves at various points of the show, and so, were able to display their prowess playing their guitar, keyboard and drum solos respectively. That was awesome to watch and listen to.

Even more recently, Mum and I went to watch Matilda together. I wanted to watch it back in London but tickets weren’t easy to get. When I learned that they were going to do a run in Singapore, I wasn’t too excited because of the ticket prices. But #yolo right? Since Flo isn’t a big fan of musicals, Mum was game to join me so tickets were booked and after some grub at the (pricey) foodcourt at Marina Bay Sands, we went the the theatre.


Seats weren’t the most comfy and the incline was really steep but all that aside, the show was amazing! The actress who played Matilda was fab and the songs were catchy. Ms. Trunchbull almost stole the show though. So cruel but so lovable. The musical obviously wasn’t entirely true to the book but it was imaginative and entertaining from start to finish. I did think that the bit with Matilda being able to control things with her mind was a little more of an afterthought and hastily squeezed in. Otherwise, I loved it!


Mum enjoyed the show as well. I’m glad we got to experience watching Matilda together. It means a lot to me to have this shared interest in musicals even though both of us can hardly carry a tune. Haha. It was also with Mum that I watched Lion King years back. That was brilliant and still my favourite musical to date.

Matilda’s already finished it’s run here in Singapore, but if you have the chance, especially if you have children, or are a fan of Roald Dahl, it’d be a pity to miss out on it. The opening song until now, a week after, is still stuck in my head. “My mummy thinks I’m a miracle, My daddy says I’m his special little guy…“. So it must be true…

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