Rose-scented Watermelon Cake.

One of the things I’m most grateful for, and happy about, is time with my BFF. Pearl and I have known each other more than half our lives now and we’re both grown up together, shared secrets, travelled together, cried on each other’s shoulder over boyfriends, watched each other get married… Life got in the way at one point, with her being busy with work and me, settling into my own routine. Still, I always knew that if I needed a friend, a listening ear, I could call on Pearl any time and she’d come running.

I’m so happy that more recently, we’ve been meeting up with each other more regularly and that our husbands get on well with each other. I’m looking forward for a tentative holiday with Pearl and YJ, together with Flo, to Japan end of the year. It’ll be different with the boys, but I’m certain it will be a good different.

A couple of weeks ago, Pearl asked if I was interested in going for a baking class at Baker’s Brew Studio with her to learn how to make a rose-scented watermelon cake. Initially, I was thinking I could probably figure it out on my own. But after some thought, I decided that I’d like to go with her just to be able to spend time together learning something new.


I arrived a little late because my GrabHitch driver decided to squeeze another ride in before me, but no matter. Pearl was on time and managed to let the instructor know that I was running late. When I arrived, Pearl had the base cake batter whisking in the mixer, and all we had to do was add the desiccated coconut in to flavour.


Batter out, spread with spatula and bake…


Voila! I managed to cut 3 circles out instead of 2. One for backup because I’m like that. Also because I spread my batter out more than I needed to so I was thinking that in the case that my cake was too short, I could always add in a third sponge to bump it up.


We made a rose chantilly cream, and had that layered on top of the sponge followed by compressed watermelon, more cream, sponge, and yet more cream before we pushed the cake out of the tin.


Then we covered the sides with acetate, topped the cake with lots of fresh strawberries, grape halves and roasted ground pistachios, and let the whole cake chill to firm up.


Our finished products!


I had fun being a baking student again and Pearl was awesome as my partner too! It’s funny how baking is a large part of my everyday life and yet, when I’m suddenly baking entirely for fun and not having to concentrate so much because I have Pearl doing half the work, the level of destress (yes, not stress) is heightened than when I bake for fun alone. Moreover, in a kitchen that’s not my own, I don’t worry so much about getting the floor dirty. Lol.


I love that so many years on, we are still so close even though we’ve grown up so much individually. I love that Pearl is still someone who can be direct and honest with me, and who I can be direct and honest with. I love that we, together with our husbands, enjoy good food, and are keen to explore new dining places together. I love that we hold similar values where friendship and family are concerned. I love that I know that no matter what, we can always depend on each other. But what I love the most, is Pearl, being who she is to me – more than a friend, more of a sister. The cakes we baked together was just the extra icing on top!

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