Arooof! My name is Kawaii. Natalie and Florian are my foster parents. I moved in with them from the shelter last Monday and every day, I’m becoming more and more familiar with them. I first met Florian when he came to take me for a walk one Sunday. It was so hot I couldn’t make much of a round around the shelter. Also, I heard a volunteer tell Florian that I’m overweight. Apparently I’m supposed to be 15kg but I’m 23kg. At least I was when I first met Flo. I reckon I’ve lost some since! I also think I’m rather big-boned and sturdy. Maybe my daddy was like that. I don’t remember any more.


I waited a whole week before Florian returned. This time with Natalie. And they both walked with me around the blocks of the shelter. It was really nice but I was shy and didn’t want to get too friendly with them. No point getting too familiar if they end up not coming back again.


The next day though, Monday morning, Vivian the volunteer got me waiting with her for ages on end. I didn’t know what for at first until a funny house with round rubbery things that made it moved came rolling around the corner. Vivian made me go in and it was really comfortable. I lazed on the blanket she brought along with us and happily looked out at the passing scenery.

Suddenly, that thing drew to a halt and not long after we came out, I saw Natalie coming towards us. Before I knew it, I was in her home. It smelled so much better than the place I’d come from. Even though they penned me up, I had a great view of the trees outside and I even had this funny fuzzy thing at the corner. I wasn’t sure what it was so I didn’t touch it for a while. But when it turned dark and no one was looking, I started to nuzzle my head into it and Oooh! It felt goooooood! So good I decided to bury myself into it to sleep. Florian was home but he was concentrating on some buttons in his hands that went “Boom! Boom!” every time he pressed them. Humans!


In the morning, Natalie brought me out for a walk. I don’t remember where we went but I had an enjoyable time sniffing everything! I came back and the cool floor felt so wonderful against my body and before I knew it, I passed out.


Every morning since, whenever I see Natalie emerge from some unknown place, I get so excited because I know it’s time for our walk! Some days I do zoomies just before we go out because I’m so so so excited! It’s a bit silly of me I know because then, I tire myself out a little even before we leave the house.


Every evening when Florian comes home, I get some dinner and then I know it’s time to get out of the house. I love walking with Florian because he lets me sniff EVERYTHING! And I get to scratch the earth after peeing on plants too! Ok sometimes I get too excited and he has to hold me back but he’s wayyyy more fun than Natalie who is stricter with our walks. But she does clean my poop up after me so I’ll have to give her that.


I know it annoys her that I love pooping right in the middle of the path of the park connector where we walk very morning. I love the solid ground. It helps keep me stable compared to grass which sometimes tickles my bum bum when it’s too long or I squat too low. Also, I like going where no dog has gone before. I compromise though. Sometimes I check that no one is within 20m of us before I go to spare Natalie the shame.

Since Saturday, Natalie and Florian thought me a good enough boy to remove those metal barriers around my safe space. Yeah, I feel pretty safe around their home especially since they’ve moved my blankie right next to the balcony windows and I can see every person, dog and cat coming and going. I know Natalie doesn’t like me in the place where she makes lots of noise and fills the air with delicious smells, so I don’t enter that part. Sometimes I try, but she’s sharp and she’ll make this funny noise that makes me stop in my tracks and turn around.

I also spent some time with Florian playing with water. He put some funny stuff on my body and rubbed it all over before pouring more water on me. In return, I gave my entire body a good shake to spray back at him.


I don’t know if he liked it. I think he did because after I was dry, he went somewhere else and I could hear him playing with water again. Anyway, whatever he rubbed on my body, it made my hair soft and even glossier than it was before.

A couple of days ago, Natalie left the windows open for me and I realised how much I enjoy sticking my head out when the wind blows nice and strong. Not long after, water started coming down from the sky and although I liked the cool, wet droplets on my face, Natalie closed the windows because she said the water would come in.


After living with these two humans for more than a week, I’m no longer shy to go up to them to give them a good lick and show them some paw when I want some scratching to be done, especially in the places I cannot reach. Florian gives the best belly rubs and Natalie scratches my neck and chest area like an expert. That’s what humans are for really. Once I’ve been scratched enough, I simply turn my butt at them and strut back to my blankie to relax.


Yesterday night, they brought me somewhere new during our night walk. I don’t know what the place is called but it has metal fences all around and the whole place was covered in grass. There were other dogs around too but I couldn’t communicate much with them because they were of different races – so y’know, different languages.


I don’t know but Natalie spent much of our time there laughing really hard. I think she was very happy that I could be off my leash. She laughed especially hard when this bulldog ran up to Florian and jumped up between his legs while he sat. She also laughed whenever this brown dog came to smell me between my legs – he did that a lot! And then both of them laughed when this lady threw this round thing and Beagle, Bulldog, and Brown Dog scampered away after it while I simply turned the other direction and walked back to get scratched by Natalie and Florian.


I really enjoyed this park place. I mean, I’m a little socially awkward maybe. I don’t care too much for other dogs and while I sniff them here and there, the truth is, they don’t smell that great. I enjoyed being off my leash and being given free rein to sniff the borders of the compound to my heart’s content. I made sure to mark a few spots but sniff I did. And boy was it SHIOK! 

Still, when Natalie decided it was time to go home after Bulldog gave her thigh a good lick that left it with a glob of glistening white saliva (which she tried to clean with a leaf), I was more than happy to. I don’t know why she was keen to leave though, because she and Florian were laughing even harder when that incident happened. People are strange.

Anyway, here I am right now. I’ve caught a bit of a cold so I’m a little wiped today.


Natalie just did this thing around the house that she does every day. It seems to sweep a lot of hair up. I don’t know where the short black hairs come from. It can’t be me. I only scratch myself and do shakes because they feel good but I still have a lot of fur so no way they’re coming from me or I’d be bald. She also took this wet thing that looks like Komondor hair (click here to see what I mean), and dragged it all around the floor. Don’t know what that was but it left the floor smelling like lavender… so what better way to spend my afternoon than lying on a floor of lavender!?

I know Natalie and Florian are only my foster parents but I can sense how much they love me. They give me affection whenever I try to get in on their cuddle time on the sofa, they scratch me whenever I lick them, they take me out to see the world every day, sometimes Florian does funny things like move his body awkwardly when music plays, and Natalie tries to teach me how to bake whenever I watch her from the dining area. They give me hugs and reassurances whenever that fierce alley cat is around and scares the life out of me. Even Natalie says it’s feisty and makes us walk a big round through a different exit instead of walking past that cat whenever we see it. Natalie and Florian also soothe me whenever I get surprised by the rustling of leaves, or a pigeon taking flight because I am often so focused on sniffing that I don’t pay attention to anything else.

In return, I try to be as good as I can. I’ve learnt my name and respond whenever I’m not concentrating on anything that needs my concentration. I don’t jump onto the sofa, I don’t bark, or do my business in their home. I don’t mark anything that is theirs and I keep watch of what’s going on outside so that I can protect them – even though I’m really quite a scaredy cat. Funny. I think dogs are more scaredy. Cats are scary.

I don’t know how long I will be with them. I guess until some nice people decide to give me a furever home. If they are as nice and loving as Natalie and Florian are to me, I’m sure I’ll love it. I just don’t want to go back to the shelter even though the people there treat me well. It’s not the same. I love being with these two humans but I guess right now isn’t the right time for them to have me furever…

3 thoughts on “Kawaii.

  1. This was such a heartwarming read, Kawaii. (I used to have a black dog just like you!) You have such a gift with words too. Keep your stories coming, please!

    • Roooof! I will. Thank you Grace. I will ask Natalie to let me blog again soon. Hopefully not too long – my paws are a little big so it takes me a while to type. :p

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