Seven to Phuket, Thailand

At the start of the year, we decided to take the opportunity to book a group trip together to Phuket for the Deepavali weekend. The last few group trips have been all girls only and the boys were beginning to feel left out. So this time, Flo, Alex and Wayne were invited along, while Les and Angie weren’t able to make it.

Day 1

We had a super early morning flight but we all made it – Abby only just about! Can you believe we were supposed to board at 7.25am and at 7am, I called to check on Abby only to find that she was still in her ‘comfy bed’. Still, she managed to reach the airport, have a smoke, before strolling into the boarding lounge just as the rest of us were about to board, along with the last few straddlers. Talk about cutting it fine!


Sleepy heads on board!



Amanda helped us book a van via Klook that took us straight from the airport to our Airbnb which was situated atop a hill, not far away from Kata Beach. That being said, we ended up not going to Kata beach, and the roads leading to the house were crazy steep, I swear they were a good 60 degree!! So walking down to the main street took us about 8 min, walking back up was about double that, although admittedly it also made for a great butt and legs workout. Suffice to say, we didn’t make that walk down too often. Even then, some of the vans/XL cars refused to drive us all the way to our villa because they weren’t positive their vehicle could make it. Either that or they feared for their own lives.

We spent most of our first day there basking under the sun by the pool.


In the evening, we made our way to a restaurant experience highly recommended by Fel. At approximately SGD115 per person, we were treated to an array of food at Ka Jok See. It was pretty much plate after plate of pretty good food beginning with these chicken filled puffs that tasted like a cross between a samosa and a Chinese curry puff.


Most of us were stuffed many plates in, thinking that the parade of food was about to end… Only to have them tell us that those were just the appetisers, and that the mains were about to be brought out.


I stopped taking photos after this because there was just too much food!


We were also served free mojito shots throughout the night. Pretty delicious stuff – quite possibly the only alcoholic drink in recent times that I actually quite like.


Us. Sober before the party got started.

Around 9.30pm, there was a drag queen who came out to perform, lip syncing to some really catchy songs to energise the room. Just after 10pm, the dining room had transformed into a dance floor for the guests who had dined there so it was essentially a private party.


The drag queen seemed particularly fond of Alex by the way, visiting him multiple times and feeling him up!



More mojitos, more alcohol for those who wanted it, more music and more props fuelled the dancing.




When ‘It’s Raining Men‘ came on, so did the sprinklers. But those clever enough to take the umbrellas that were being distributed managed to get some shelter.


I downed about 8 shots of mojito (A LOT for someone who usually drinks zilch!) that night which was enough to get me feeling very happy and contented. Honestly, it might have been the first time in the longest time that I allowed myself to do something spontaneous, and it felt good.


There was a lot of dancing, or trying to dance on my part. Haha.


And when we all started to tire, or get a little too drunk, we paid up and called for a van to take us home. I’d pretty much sobered up by then as well and the wave of tiredness hit me. It was a small adventure going back because the police were checking for drink driving and it looked like our driver had had some alcohol. We ended up stuck in the van a good hour before some old guy came and asked us to move to his old minibus to take us home. He tried to get us to pay a bit more than the previously agreed price but we ended up paying him the set amount since he’d dropped us at the foot of that steep road for us to leg it home.

Day 2

We ALL slept in. Aside from Fel who somehow managed to wake up bright and early at 9am. Flo and I found her already lounging by the pool when we went down to fill up on breakfast.


Not much to share about our day aside from going for a massage around Chalong before Abby and Wayne joined us for dinner at Chalong Bay Rum Distillery.


Amanda recommended we come here because she came here on her last visit with some work colleagues/friends and really enjoyed it. ‘It’ being the rum.


The distillery often hosts groups to tour and learn about how rum is made. This is usually carried out in the afternoon so when we were there for dinner, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves.


The food wasn’t too bad. I had Sea Bass with Red Pepper Sauce and Ratatouille.


I think Amanda’s truffle tagliatelle was best of the lot, but we all had to agree that their Chalong Bay Rum and Raisin Ice Cream was tops!

Day 3

Another sleep in for most of us. We had a leisurely morning and only left the villa around 2ish pm to get some lunch at the corner eatery down the road. I forgot that Alex had had two breakfasts so ended up ordering a little too much.

Aside from the usual must-orders like Som-Tum, I called from some Kai Yang (grilled chicken), a tofu cabbage soup, stir-fried morning glory, Prawn Pad Thai


And Khao Phad Pu (Crab fried rice) in large because I was too excited.


The fried rice was yummy! Loved the crab chunks and the pieces of scrambled eggs.

When we were just about done, our late-risers Abby and Wayne joined us and we waited for our car to arrive to take us to Patong. Amanda and Fel went shopping, Flo and I went for an awesome foot massage at this place we really liked and went to during our first visit together to Phuket two years back. It’s called Original One Massage. Abby, Alex and Wayne decided to start on drinks early.




When Amanda and Fel returned, Amanda decided to go off for a foot massage next door while Alex became subject to Abby’s lipstick scrawls.


Amanda went to a really posh looking spa compared to where Flo and I went to. Lol.


Dinner at Linda’s Seafood, another place Flo and I came to on our first holiday together. Also a place he returned to when Chris and him were in Phuket last year.


The place is bustling in the evening so best to come a little earlier for fresh pickings of the live fish. Prices are affordable and service is pretty quick.


Our evening at Patong was not complete without a visit to Bangla Street which is well-known for its bars, pole-dancing girls, ping pong shows and ago-go bars. For the experience, we decided to have a look at Suzy Wong’s – a place Amanda went to before and was excited to show us. I expected it to be a bit more wild but surprisingly, didn’t think much of it. I did however, think that quite a few of the men there were horribly disrespectful to the girls, and to some extent, feel that while these kinds of bars thrive on the fantasies of men, it is very much demeaning for the women.

It made me wonder how many of the girls there were there because they actually enjoy it. I imagine that many of their boob jobs were done because of the pressure to have them to be more ‘successful’ at work. It’s sad how objectified they were. I don’t believe I’ll ever step foot back in one of these bars again, but it was an eye-opening experience for me that’s for sure.

Day 4

Cafe del Mar was on the cards after we’d breakfasted, packed and checked out of our Airbnb. We arrived there around 3.30pm and had a late lunch.


Yam Talay – Thai Seafood Salad with Glass Noodles.


It wasn’t cheap but heck it was the best Yam Talay I’ve ever had! They were generous with the seafood – tender squid, large fresh prawns, sweet baby scallops, briny mussels, juicy tomatoes, crunchy red onions, all tossed in a sweet, sour, spicy dressing. I didn’t even care that I had onion breath after!


We whiled away the entire afternoon lounging around before we made for the airport, grabbed some dinner and flew back to Singapore. We arrived back at 1am so after our quick goodbyes, we taxied home and fell straight into our comfy beds!

Already looking forward to our next group getaway! Nothing planned yet but hopefully we’ll get one settled for next year. Next up, Flo and I go to Sri Lanka! I can’t wait!

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