Bollywood Veggies.

My parents thoughtfully asked if Naima would like to visit Bollywood Veggies before she returned home and since we all know how far out the place is, we happily accepted their invitation.


It was quite an overcast day which suited us perfectly walking around the compounds of the organic farm. Unfortunately, the rainy season meant that there was an abundance of mosquitoes. While Florian bore the brunt of their attacks, Naima and I were also bitten by them blood-hungry monsters. Dad, as usual, didn’t seem to attract the mozzies at all while Mum cleverly stayed back at the restaurant, Poison Ivy, and was oblivious to the nasty creatures.

The mosquitoes made sure we didn’t walk around too long before we headed back to join Mum at Poison Ivy for lunch.


I tried some Moringa Tea, which smelled funky but actually tasted like, tea. It didn’t have a particularly strong flavour.

While waiting for our meal to arrive, we were joined by owner of Bollywood Veggies, Ivy Singh-Lim, who provided us with colourful banter. She’s extremely witty and brash. We enjoyed her company.

We ordered the Warrior’s Platter for Two with Red Rice.


This came with Lentil Dal (which we all loved and left us wanting), Battered Fish with a side of sweet and sour sauce, Moringa Tempura and Fried Chicken Drumlets and Winglets, Chicken Curry, and Braised Vegetables not unlike Chap Chye.

The curry was flavourful with a spicy kick although it was slightly on the saltier side. I’d have loved for more braised vegetables and dal.


We also had a Nasi Lemak Platter which came with fragrant coconut rice coloured lightly and naturally with blue pea flower. It was not heavy on the coconut which was a good thing.

To go with, we had fried ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts, sambal goreng, chicken wings, omelette strips, stir fried green beans and moringa tempura. The sambal chilli though, was freakin’ awesome and far tooooo little!

Some local dessert was called upon – a dessert platter of Warm Banana Bread, Kueh Kosui, and Kueh Bingka.


Naima loved the Kueh Bingka, and the homemade Kueh Kosui was incredible soft. All were not too sweet, making them easy to down. I’d say that if you only have a small stomach space and have to try something at Poison Ivy, it’ll have to be these little nuggets of yumminess!

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