Tablescape, Grand Park Hotel.

Flo and I were treated to dinner at Tablescape by Abby in celebration of our getting married. She was on a business trip that was already planned before we set a date so we caught up over this meal instead. Amanda was there in lieu of her belated birthday, as was Wayne, Abby’s dear bf, and Naima.

Started with an assortment of breads which were refillable.


Can’t go wrong with the baguette and ciabatta. The onion roll was the best though! And the squid ink roll topped with sun dried tomato looked insanely cool. It was very soft and fluffy but lost to the other three in terms of taste and texture.

We were served a complimentary one-bite amuse-bouche to begin.


Chicken tartlet I believe. The tart shell had cheddar in it and the chicken mixture was reminiscent of a chicken salad they have in Germany according to Naima.

I had from the alacarte menu, the Norwegian Trout with Red Wine, Pickled Cabbage and Citrus Salsa.


I guess there’s a reason why red wine is often not paired with fish. The flavour of wine was quite strong and just didn’t do a good job mixing with the salmon. I felt that the components on the plate didn’t harmonise well together with the cabbage (which reminded me of the German red cabbage) adding further to the acidity of the overall dish. That being said, the trout was cooked beautifully – still moist and soft with a crisp skin that I relished.

We made a mention to our server as he cleared our table that the side of sautéed mushrooms and Florian’s mushroom risotto were very much on the salty side, although the steaks everyone else had ordered were thoroughly well-executed and enjoyed. We only meant for our comment to be made aware to the chef for the benefit of future diners, and so, were pleasantly surprised to be presented two plates of a mixture of sweets as apology.


There were chocolates, lemon shortbread, cookies, meringues and a brownie on each plate which ended our evening together on a sweet note. It was a thoughtful gesture and much appreciated.

Prices are Tablescape are very reasonable for the quality of food they serve. Service was extremely warm and attentive, with the bonus of having the tall eye candy of a Korean waiter serve us. If you have stomach space, the set menu is definitely value-for-money although not all the dishes are hits. From what we’d ordered that evening, stick to the steaks and you can’t go far wrong.

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