Baking Shenanigans.

End August was full of activity not least because it was my birthday. It looks like August this year was a popular month for birthdays and I had the privilege to bake for first birthdays, and not-so-first birthdays.

Applie and Hock ordered a dessert table from me when they got married a few years back and this year, they asked for another dessert table but this time, for their gorgeous little girl’s first birthday!


It was a simple set up consisting of assorted mini loaf cakes…


Salted Caramel Buttercream Macarons…


Cake Pops and an Earl Grey Lavender Cake with Cream Cheese Filling, Mint-coloured Buttercream Frosting and a pink fondant rose to top.


One of my biggest challenges in August was making this Stack of Books consisting of three different layers of cakes – Chocolate, Cheesecake and Matcha Butter Cake, for another first birthday. This was from a customer whose father has always been very supportive of me. A couple years ago, I also baked a cute car cake for her son’s birthday.


This wasn’t the easiest cake to make but it was most satisfying seeing it come together and finally having it finished.


It made all the time put into it worth it when Charlotte and Jimmy came back to me telling me that they enjoyed the cake aesthetically and gastronomically. I hope Kit had a wonderful first birthday! Y’know, because you’re only one, well, once!

It’s funny sometimes how the world works. I was contacted by Cheryl who wanted a birthday cake for her daughter who was turning two and is a Peppa Pig fan. Shortly after we got in touch, her husband texted me because he realised we used to be schoolmates, friends in fact. Small world really!


On the day of Sophia’s birthday though, Cheryl was just being discharged from hospital – Sophia became a big sister just a few days shy of her second birthday. I hope she thinks of her baby sibling as one big beautiful present that she will cherish for years to come. I think my brother, as much as we argued and fought as kids, is someone who has grown alongside me and showed me love and patience in how he treated me through the years. I am so thankful for him. Of course, in my brother’s case, I was his big beautiful present – 5 months after he turned two. Haha.

Rolling over into early September, I also had fun with a cake baked specially for a birthday celebration involving a regular customer of mine. So far, I’ve baked for their children’s birthdays but this time, Maria asked for a cake for Derek – one that had minimal sugar so that her mother-in-law could have some as well.

I baked a Banana Cake with DARRRRRK Chocolate Ganache (80% Cocoa) and then began the challenge to make it look like a can of Coca-Cola as requested.


I think it ended up looking pretty cool although definitely, room for a cleaner finish.

A few days later, I did these miniature fondant cameras to top some brownies for Derek’s second birthday celebration.


I’m a total camera noob so using pictures online for reference wasn’t the easiest in turning them into 3D topped. I used white edible colouring and a toothpick to write ‘Canon’ on the cameras. I hope I did them justice. Maria told me later that her children were ecstatic over them, happily playing with them until they got destroyed. Hearing my creations get ‘destroyed’ has never made me happier!

I love customers who repeatedly return for cakes, not in a business sense although sure, that’s nice too. It’s more for the fact that I love watching them, and their family, grow through the years. From being single, to being married, to having children, and then seeing their children grow year on year. It’s amazing. But also scary seeing how whenever a cake order comes in from them, I am reminded of how quickly the year has passed. Maria called me ‘our family baker‘. I’m chuffed! Customers like her, I feel, are more than just customers. They’re almost like friends from a distance and I feel as though I am a part of their celebration, albeit a small part, through my cakes.


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