About the Period.

Last Tuesday, I spent a good half a day at the hospital, beginning with my first consultation with Dr. V to discuss my still missing period. I’m glad I hauled all my pap smear results, pelvic and transvaginal ultrasounds, and blood test results because they helped her get a better idea of my overall reproductive health. She had a look at my blood results from way back in 2012, and my more recent one taken only in April that was more specific to my reproductive hormones, concluding once more what Dr. Jeanette had said – my hormone levels are all pretty good so why hasn’t my period returned?

Dr. V did write in my report “hypothalamic amenorrhea?” because she said that after the years of stress I have inflicted on my body, my hypothalamus might have forgotten how to work the way it should, or just chosen to shut off altogether. Whether is returns eventually is something of an unknown at this point.

So Dr. V checked my pelvic area as well as my lymph nodes to make sure that all is well in both places. After which, she had me go for a blood test, one that is a lot more comprehensive than my previous two. It included checking my calcium levels, phosphate levels, my thyroid, levels of Vitamin D in my body, as well as checking my egg reserve based on the anti-mullerian hormone test, and of course an overall investigation of my reproductive-endocrinological profile i.e. levels of prolactin, FSH, LH, testosterone etc… Pretty amazing how much a few vials of blood can tell you. It came to quite a lot of dollars for all the tests but I guess it’s better to know how well or not-so-well I’m doing in the reproductive spectrum and figure out the steps we can take from here.

Blood test done, I was then sent for my transvaginal ultrasound to check on my uterus and ovaries. Dr. V initially wanted to check my fallopian tubes too but figured it best to leave it for later. Apparently it can be painful? Anyway, I have to say that the ultrasound done at KKH was really professional. I’ve had mine done twice before at TMC and while I have little to complain about, I thought that the simple addition of KKH using a foam pillow below the back helped them carry out the scan a lot quicker. Both times at TMC, they took quite a while to locate my ovaries and sometimes I had to help them in pressing down on one side of the pelvic area for them to have a better view. No such problem at KKH.

My last test for the day was later in the afternoon. I was super blessed with Mum offering to pick me up from the hospital so we could come home, have some lunch before returning again for my bone density test. I don’t have much hope for the quality of my bones seeing that they were already osteopenic a few years ago when I had them checked. I can only pray that I’ve managed to keep them deteriorating further.

Aside from the fallopian tube check to see if there are any blockages there, Dr. V mentioned possibly wanting an MRI done to check on my pituitary gland, but I assume that’s dependent on what the results of the tests I’ve done so far show. And of course, she might have to check on Flo’s soldiers too just to make sure they are active and strong.

I’ll be seeing her again early September and I’m actually excited to know what my tests show. As much as it sucks having to undergo tests when there are couples who are so fertile that even hugging results in pregnancy, at least there are answers to be found and ways in which we can conceive if some extra assistance is needed.

Right now, with the way August has been filled up with cake orders, I have a feeling the coming month is going to whizz by. Ooh! And it’s my birthday month too! Not a fan of getting older but totally cannot wait to see what Flo has up his sleeve.

4 thoughts on “About the Period.

  1. Hi Nat,
    have you any recommendations of ‘good gynaecologist’ preferably females? I’ve never visited one before but I think I’ll need to. I believe first times are usually kinda awkward. Will appreciate opinions if you have any. Thank you!

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