May Day Shenanigans.

May Day this year turned out to be one of those public holidays that makes no sense to me in the sense that it fell on a Tuesday. So Flo had to go into work for a day and then he was off the next, which made Wednesday feel again like a Monday and my sense of time went out of whack. Temporarily.

We considered going on a short trip with Flo taking Monday off but we were too late on that call and air ticket prices had already gone up. We also thought of travelling at the end of the month when there’ll be another Tuesday public holiday but already those flight prices have rocketed so we’re staying put… Until November when the group of us will be off the Phuket over Deepavali weekend! WoOhOoo… And omg! I can’t believe Flo and I will be married by then!

Anyway, Flo wanted to visit the Singapore City Gallery that day and we were so sure it’d be open. So Abby and Nick picked us up, followed by Amanda and we all went to Chinatown only to find that it was closed. 😦 It was pouring and we didn’t have an back up plan so some quick thinking took us to Plaza Singapura with the hopes of doing some painting at Arteastiq but the crazy jam getting into the carpark had us drive away instead to Selegie Road after Amanda managed to enquire at Cups ‘n Canvas about the availability of space for 5 of us to paint.

There was some filming going on when we reached so we had to wait a bit before we were led into the workshop to dive right into painting on canvas. It’s been a long time!!


I’m not very good with creating things off the top of my head so what better than to google for some inspiration!?


Flo and Nick worked quick and fast while us girls took our time.


As you can see, we were very focused on getting our masterpieces on point!




Flo managed to capture quite a few pictures of our work in progress because he took less than an hour to get his done and dusted. And considering how quickly he filled his canvas, I have to admit that it looked like the kind of work people would pay hundreds of thousands for. Either that or a few tens for something similar that I’m pretty sure Ikea sells. Lol. 



After two hours, we all decided we were done!


Amanda and ‘Party in a Corner’. – I’m naming these myself just for fun’s sake. 


Nick and ‘It was going so well, then I got too excited and this happened‘.


Abby and ‘Circles and Rectangles‘.


Flo and ‘Fireflies at Sunset‘.


Nat and ‘The Girl in the Shadows‘.

I’m by no means a very artistic person but I realise how therapeutic painting is for me. Now I’m itching to buy some canvas and acrylic paint from online (where it is soooooo much cheaper than the $36 Flo paid for me) so that I can do some art therapy at home. Only I have no idea what to do with my work after. Boo! I said to Flo that I’d give them away as presents but he said that it might not necessarily be appreciated by its recipients especially if it clashes with their home decor. True… But neither can we have them stacking up at home. Anyway, I do have one painting task, a very important one, that I have to do before the end of September so at least I have that to be excited about!

So yup, painting over, we all parted only to meet up again at Brotzeit, with Alex joining us, for dinner since it was Spargelzeit and Flo really wanted to fill his stomach with white asparagus. They were goooooood!!!

It was great spending time with friends this holiday and doing something constructive with our time as well. I mentioned in a post early this week about belonging and with this bunch, in my heart, I whisper a prayer that years from now, wherever life takes us, we will still be holding strong together in friendship, doing things, or doing nothing together. As long as we have each other for company, I know that there will be lots of laughter and love surrounding us.

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