Pim Pam by FOC.

Before Flo flew off to Australia, we met up with his friend Shou and Shou’s girlfriend WL. Shou and Flo used to work together but Shou decided to leave the financial sector last year to start up a tuition centre. It’s nice that even after parting ways with regards to work, Shou still keeps in touch and since he wasn’t able to make our housewarming earlier in February, he suggested dinner together at Pim Pam by FOC.

I’ve heard of Pim Pam since y’know, I tend to follow lots of food bloggers on Instagram so I knew we were off for Spanish grub. I remember being in Barcelona and really enjoying their tapas. They usually consist of small sharing plates and so, reminds me a lot of dining in Asia where dishes are often eaten communally.

We initially thought to order small plates to share and have our own mains, but subsequently decided to just share everything.

We kicked off our meal with their Cheese Platter and Quince Paste.


The cheeses – Manchego, Idiazabal and Mahon – were nice but we weren’t so hot on the quince mainly because its sweetness was bordering on cloying.

We also had Fresh Burrata with Crispy Iberico Ham, ‘Picadillo” and Baby Spinach.


This was a refreshing starter although the burrata was not as melty and creamy as the one I remember having at Fynn’s. That’s not to say it was bad. Preference-wise, I’d choose  the burrata at Fynn’s because I found it more flavoursome and deftly executed over this one.

There was a dish of Roasted Octopus & Sizzling Pork Belly with Potato Foam. Somehow I didn’t get a picture of that possibly because it wasn’t the prettiest to look at. The octopus was tender and had a lovely smokiness that went well with the pork. Definitely a lot tastier than it appeared.

The Cauliflower Steak with Piparra, Pine Nuts and Parmesan reminded me slightly of the cauliflower cheese grandma taught me to make back when I was living with her in London during my A’s. We used to eat that with our roast dinners. This was just a different, less indulgent rendition of it with more complex textures and more refined flavours.


I’m not quite as sold on cauliflower steak as I am on charred broccoli. That being said, I’ve been throwing my cauliflower into the oven a few times this past week and I like how the flavour intensifies with inflections of char here and there.

For our mains, we had Squid Ink Paella which may not be an ideal first date food but black is sexy so why not?! I would have liked a whole lot more than the 4 prawns they put on top or at least laden it with squid rings. I don’t have a lot of experience with paellas so I can’t say if it was awesome or not. I liked it enough. Not enough to have to have it again soon but also I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to order it again.

Iberico Pork Ribs with Pumpkin and Thyme as well as the Baby Lamb with Eggplant Textures were the boys’ choices. I didn’t have the pork but it was polished it off quickly. The lamb was good, not the best. The eggplant helped take away some of the gaminess so altogether it was a satisfactory dish I’d say.

No prizes for guessing who chose the Codfish with Tomato Textures!


I believe the cod used was the Atlantic Cod and not the Black Cod that’s more fatty and pricey. This was paid with sweet roasted cherry tomatoes, tomato jelly and concentrated tomato paste that carried a nice acidity. I actually enjoyed this dish the most but again, I’m biased towards seafood and I enjoyed the play one textures with the tomatoes. The fish itself was nicely seasoned and not overcooked.

We went on a Wednesday evening so the restaurant was far from packed. Service was attentive and the ambiance was relaxed and intimate. I’d say that prices are on the higher side and it’s easy to overorder with the thought of sharing so just be mindful, especially if you’re ordering alcohol to go with.

It was a really nice evening catching up with Shou and WL, and I enjoy meals like these where we are able to enjoy each other’s company over good food. With Shou’s business and WL’s flying around, it’s not always easy to find time to meet. Flo and I really appreciated the effort they put into making dinner happen especially since Shou woke up that morning with a fever. It’s friends like these that I am grateful for and I hope it won’t be too long before we get together again.

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