Kimme, Amoy Street.

Last Thursday was Flo’s birthday and of course, we couldn’t let the day go by without a celebratory meal. Since Samir was in town, we decided to go somewhere a little more casual with a second dinner planned for just Flo and I once Samir left (that second dinner’s tonight actually!).

I was given the task of picking out a restaurant and I chose Kimme along Amoy Street. Flo and I had visited Chef Sun’s 1-Michelin Star Meta Restaurant late last year and since we quite enjoyed the meal, I thought we’d give his more laid back eatery a try.


His menu for Kimme is concise with just three parts – small plates, big plates and sweet. Prices add up quickly with the plates being geared towards sharing so it’s tempting to want to try everything.


We were told that for two, it’s recommended to have 3 small plates, 2 big plates, and 1 sweet to share. With it being the three of us, we decided to go for 2 small plates and 3 big plates.


With the birthday boy while Samir went to the Men’s. We totally forgot about taking one of us three together. 😦

The small plates arrived quite quickly to our table beginning with the Kampachi Sashimi, Guchujang and Ginger. 


This was light on the palate and refreshing to start with. The flavours leaned towards the milder side with a burst of slight heat and tang from the sauce while the seaweed powder sprinkled on top ensured that each bite brought us back to the sea.

We also had the Shime Aji Tartare with Dehydrated Egg Yolk, topped with Caviar. 


This was beautifully marinated in familiar Asian flavours. The egg yolk crumbled over highlighted the natural fattiness of the fish while the punch of brininess from the caviar served to cut through all the richness. Samir and I were nodding in approval at this umami bomb.

With our small plates licked clean, we proceeded to wait for our big plates to arrive… which took a pretty long time. Don’t get me wrong, service was on point but perhaps the kitchen was having a little trouble coping with the influx of orders during dinner especially since Kimme only just opened a month or so ago. We were also told that the produce having just come in that day also meant that the kitchen staff were busy trying to prep while at the same time, churn out plates of food.

Of course, the long wait was quickly forgotten once the food arrived.

We shared the Wagyu Striploin with Pickled Green Chillies and Onion Puree.


The two men LOVED this and I have to admit that the beef was sublime. It was so tender, so juicy, so melt-in-your-mouth delicious. It was obviously cooked with a lot of love and care, hence, yielding a perfectly pink middle. The savoury meat contrasted well with the sweetness of the onion puree and the pickled chilli provided a slight tang of spice that elevated the dish.

While Samir and Flo dug into the beef, I was enamoured by the Crispy Sawara served atop Green Peas, Bacon and Brussel Sprouts.


Two thumbs up for the wonderfully crisp skin. Another two thumbs up for the succulent fresh tasting white fish that was cooked just so. It was meaty and well-seasoned, with the bacon flavouring it further with a boost of porky saltiness that only bacon is capable of imparting. For someone who loathes peas (tinned and frozen), I could not help but succumb to the fact that fresh peas are a whole different ball game altogether. They were delightful, slightly grassy and sweet against the gentle bitterness of the brussel sprouts. My favourite main.

Our final dish of the night was the Maple Farm Duck Breast with Pickled Gobo (Burdock), Cherries and Carrot Puree. 


The duck was sweet and tender, going swimmingly well with the dark cherries and naturally sweet-savoury carrot puree. We weren’t quite as blown away by this dish compared to the beef (if you ask the boys) and the fish (if you ask me). Still, it was well-executed but not stellar if you’re looking for that extra oomph.

I’d actually forgotten that I’d informed Kimme much earlier that the dinner was to celebrate Flo’s birthday. So it was a nice surprise when one of their staff came towards us with a plate written with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ on it using chocolate ganache.


They had a complimentary Matcha Cheesecake prepared for us.


Even this little cake was light with a crisp biscuit base that our birthday boy was very happy with. We all had a little bite of it and too quickly, it was gone…

Just like how Samir’s 5 days with us whizzed by. On his last evening here, I baked some fresh Double Chocolate Chip Muffins for him since that’s Flo’s favourite and I figured his Daddy might enjoy them too.


Since Samir’s never tried my bakes before and all my baking since he arrived were for orders, this was his first time. Feedback from him was a big smile and an empty muffin cup. Flo happily had his as well not too long after they were out of the oven – still warm but with a light crust on top which never stays long because of our humidity.

AnyhoOo, I shall leave you with these muffins since I’m leaving in a few minutes to meet Flo for his official birthday dinner. Will update soon! x

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