We celebrated the birthdays of two January babies at Fynn’s, South Beach Avenue. I’ve only gone past South Beach while riding the bus but have never ventured into the latest ‘it’ area laden with hip cafes, bistros, restaurants and bars until all of us decided to head there for Abby’s and Zen’s birthday dinner celebration.


6 girls. 3 boys. 2 absentees.

And so much good food!!

I didn’t expect much from Fynn’s even though Les and Zen gave it two thumbs up having been there before. We all ordered a main of our own, but shared 3 small plates (our order was doubled to ensure that there was enough for everyone) and 2 desserts (also a double order).

Dinner kicked off with this gorgeous dish of Burratina served with Grilled Daterino Tomatoes, beautifully tossed Rocket Salad with Candied Pecans and Balsamic, and Sliced Crusty Bread to pick everything up with.


The cheese was sublime – smooth, melty, creamy, buttery… And I’m not a fan of rocket usually what with its bitterness but this salad was so well balanced that I found myself nabbing more.

Tuna Tartare.


This had lashings of Thai flavours. The tuna was fresh and well marinated, and the puffed grain crackers on the side reminded me of the Thai dish Khao Tang Na Tang aka Crispy Rice Cakes with a Pork and Shrimp Coconut Dip. Same same but totally different.

This Barbecued Squid Salad was another small plate reminiscent of Thailand.


Topped again with crisp rice crackers, this had varying textural elements that made for an incredible mouthfeel with every bite. The squid carried a lovely smokiness which was complemented well by the toasted cashews, julienned cucumbers, fresh coriander, chillies, lemongrass and finely sliced red onions.

I ordered a main of Seabass served alongside Kale Pesto, Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes, Asparagus and Capers.


It definitely succeeded in feeding my eyes first and I appreciated how brown and crisp the fish looked. However, I was a little let down by the slightly soggy skin and beneath, the fish was slightly lacking in seasoning. Not altogether a bad dish, just slightly underwhelming.

I tried some of Flo’s Fermented Garlic Glazed Iberico Pork that was served with Celeriac Puree and Oven-Baked Brussel Sprouts. That was melt-in-your-mouth tender. Coming from someone who hardly touches pork, that’s saying something! So if you visit Fynn’s, go for the pork for sure.

Amanda had the honour of choosing desserts, the first of which was this Coconut Gula Melaka Jelly with Coconut Mascarpone Cream, Butterscotch Ice, and Chocolate Crumble.


I couldn’t taste much butterscotch in the ice but it was extremely refreshing. That being said, apart from the ice, I wasn’t too taken by this one.

This 72% Venezuelan Chocolate Semifredo with Bitter Chocolate Mousse, Cocoa Nibs Milk Chocolate Crunch Sponge, Olive Oil, Pink Pepper and Maldon Salt however…


Was intense! It wasn’t shy in imparting its bitterness without going over the top. It was rich, creamy, full of texture, playful and bold all at the same time. This dessert’s no child’s play that’s for sure.


It was an awesome night out with people I love. We headed to Nick and Josh’s studio after dinner for drinks and to chill. People say that it’s not easy to make a solid group of friends after school-age but it looks like it’s definitely possible. I love that we can hang out just us girls, but even when we bring our plus ones along, we merge seamlessly into one big happy family with more laughs, more booze (for them), and more love.

I’ve never really had a strong group of girlfriends that I can be with, travel with, and talk to about good things, bad things, relationship things, work things… Even with friends from way back, we get together but it’s different. So yes, I feel immensely blessed that I have this bunch. It all started with Les and her wedding and it’s strange to think of what life was like before them. Who would have thunk that fast forward a year and a half and we’d be this close. Definitely reminds me of how oddly wonderful life can be. 🙂

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