Ao Nang and 4-Island Tour.

On Wednesday, our 5th day in Thailand, Naima, Martin, Flo and I caught a plane to Krabi Airport. We took Thai Smile which is an extension of Thai Airways. Even though it was a short flight, we were served a little snack box – A Cheese Sandwich and a Chicken & Tomato Sandwich along with a bottle of water.


We arrived at our hotel long enough for us to settle in a little, have a bit of a rest and then take a short 5 min walk to Ao Nang Beach in order to catch the sunset.


She sells seashells by the seashore…


Flo flew his drone while the three of us shared a space on a heavy boulder watching the sun slowly lower itself behind the island in front of us.


As the sun settled, so the clouds began rushing in and our view of the fading sun wasn’t quite as visible as we’d hoped. It was a beautiful sunset nonetheless especially when it reflected gold onto the sea.


Then, we walked over to one of the beach-side restaurants, The Last Fisherman, and filled our tummies with dinner! I had the Yum Talay, or Seafood Salad Thai style. Noms!


We decided to spend Thursday going on the 4-Island Tour. We booked a private long-tail boat just for the 4 of us so that we could set the pace, staying longer at islands we liked, and moving off quicker if it didn’t take our fancy.


We set off around 10am and it was glorious – clear blue skies, only a few white clouds lingering from the night before, and glistening turquoise waters opening the way to neighbouring islands.





Before long, Poda Beach came into sight. It was a small beach, but to me, one of my favourites of the day. I think our captain parked us along one of the less crowded shores which I can appreciate. The waters around this beach were so clear that schools of small fish could be seen frolicking together beneath the surface.


And just behind the fine sand beach were large caves that we could climb into.



I wasn’t too sure about my climbing abilities but they had thick ropes to help us up and down. I guess being on the smaller side, it wasn’t too difficult for me to find crevices to support my hands and feet until I could reach a high enough place to pull myself up. So yes, I made it up into the cave and went right in.


There were lots of little holes here and there from erosion that allowed light in, keeping the cave bright.


And right at the end where we could go no further, we were rewarded with a gorgeous view of the boats below, bobbing on the clear as glass waters.


A #wefie of us while Flo went to play around with his drone. This was the only island he could fly his drone around as the other ones require a registered permit to fly.


Drone picture below. Flo couldn’t get as much pictures as he’d have liked because the GPS signal was quite poor. This one was pretty cool of the three of us climbed up into a giant crevice. Just look at how small we look against the products of nature!


Close to noon, we went off towards Koh Gai, or Chicken Island.


You can probably see why it’s named that.

Here, our boat made a stop for us to go snorkelling. To be honest, we weren’t quite impressed with the variety of fish here and the waters were slightly murky. We had a better snorkelling experience in the Philippines, but for those who’ve never been before, here might be a reasonable start.

When we returned to the boat, our boat captain and assistant had sweetly cut some fresh pineapples for us. They were incredibly sweet, and sprinkled with a touch of salt, they tasted even better!

Next was Tub Island. By this point, the tide was up so the sand bar that Flo was so excited about was below water and unwalkable.


Still, the waters were amazingly clear and blue. It was a little crowded when we arrived but soon after, the other boats of visitors left and we found ourselves enjoying lolling around the cool shallow waters with the powdery sand behind us and stretches of water before us.


We bathed beneath the afternoon sun a good hour or so before we made off to our final island – Railay Beach and Phra Nang Cave.

We were given an hour to spend here before we were to make our way back to Krabi so we first walked towards the cave where there was a Fertility Shrine filled with phallic sculptures at its base. This is the perfect place for rock climbing but none of us rock climb so we just gawked at the couple of shrines, pouted at the high tide that deterred us from getting across to the other side of the limestone cliff, and wondered how we’d spend the hour.


We decided to slowly walk the length of the beach and over to the other side where we found a cute line-up of boats doubling up as food kiosks. Very enterprising I must say.


Here, there was more space for sun bathers and an area cordoned off for swimming which beckoned us back into the water. Before we knew it, our hour was up and we obediently headed back to our boat.


We returned to our hotel promptly at 4pm, washed up, rested and after a quick rush of rain, we went back out, caught the last of sunset, and once again returned to The Last Fisherman for dinner.


The Asian in me, feeling cold from the rain, jumped at having the Tom Yum Seafood soupPhet Maak Maak – Spicy a lot a lot! And ooooh boy it was awesome and certainly did its job in warming me up.


One thing we learned during our stay in Ao Nang was that while littered with Italian and Indian restaurants amongst the local restaurants, ALL of them served Thai food and it didn’t matter where we went, the Thai food was always on point. We never really had any badly executed Thai food while in Thailand so close your eyes, pick a place and chances are, you’ll leave belly happy!

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