Sri Bua by Kiin Kiin Dec 2017.

Our final holiday for 2017 took us back to one of my favourite cities in the world, Bangkok! Flo and I met up with Naima and Martin, both of whom flew in from Germany so that we could holiday together in the Land of Smiles and also spend a few days in Ao Nang, Krabi soaking up the sun. It’s funny because the more tanned I became over our 10-day trip, the more the locals assumed I was Thai.

I actually succumbed to the cold/flu the day we were due to fly to Bangkok. So the first evening, while Flo waited Naima and Martin’s arrival at our hotel, I fell into bed before 10pm and pretty much slept all the way until breakfast time. Thankfully, downing lots of vitamin C before leaving and popping panadol throughout our first day there, Saturday, helped me get over the worst of the flu quickly. Thereafter I was left with a slight sore throat and minimal congestion.


First day we went around Terminal 21 since Naima wanted to look for some summer clothes having just flown in from the cold of Germany. Lunch was at a simple teppanyaki kiosk around the basement of the mall since Flo was treating all of us to a sumptuous dinner at Sra Bua.


Flo and I dined at Sra Bua last year actually and we enjoyed the experience so much he wanted Naima and Martin to try the food there as well.

Most of the snacks remained the same and I guess having had them all before they were slightly less mind-blowing for me than they were the first time around. Still well-executed for sure, just less surprising.

We began with a refreshing concoction of Pandan Lemongrass Chilled Tea.


Naima really enjoyed this drink and asked at the end of our meal when tea/coffee was being served if she could have a warm version of it. Alas, the servers gave a resounding no. 😦

While the three went for The Journey menu, I opted for a-la-carte. This still included all the snacks.

Sesame Meringue with a dollop of Wasabi Cream


Crunchy Spiced Cashews in an edible packet…


Crispy Chicken Skin with Frozen Peanut Cream topped with Ginger


Shrimp Cracker with Chilli Mayonnaise… Very reminiscent of childhood.


Chiang Mai Sausages


Loved the smokiness they imparted into the single bite of sausage.


And still my favourite, Miang Kum… Prepared right before us.


The explosion of flavour never fails to excite me!


Tuna Tartare in lotus flower


Egg Custard in Miso Soup


You can read a more in-depth analysis of the pre-dinner snacks in my previous post on Sra Bua if you’re interested as I didn’t want to repeat everything again in this post. 🙂

And me being extremely consistent in my food preferences, I opted for the Hokkaido Scallops with Carrot and Pumpkin Puree, Green Mango, Dried Shrimp and a Lemongrass Tamarind Sauce. Yup! My starter and my main were the same as the ones I ordered before.


The scallops were perfectly cooked and the balance of flavours – sweet, tart, spicy, bitter were all balanced well. I loved the Thai flavours woven into this dish.

My main of Steamed Cod with Green Curry served alongside Salt-baked Beetroot was slightly disappointing though.


The cod was a little overdone and as a result, slightly dry and tough to the bite. The curry was leaning towards to saltier side but eaten with the steamed cod, worked well enough. I thoroughly enjoyed the salt-baked beets though. The salt crust did its job sealing in their natural sweetness which burst out with every bite.

Their petit-fours to end our dinner with were the highlight of our meal for me. They were extremely creative and highly interactive as well.

We were presented with a lego board with lego bricks placed random around the board. Can you tell which pieces are made of real lego and which ones aren’t?


Because you’ll find 4 ‘lego’ pieces actually made from Agar-Agar and while I could pick out two slightly easily upon first sight, the other two were a little trickier to see.

We were also served a bamboo basket filled with chillies. And amongst the lot of them sat 4 pieces of ‘chillies’ that were in fact, made of White Chocolate. They were nearly indiscernible to the naked eye…


So much so that…


Nope! I didn’t bite into a real chilli but Naima did! She did manage to find the chocolate chilli after though.

On another wooden plate was our third petit-four. Again, sitting alongside the cinnamon sticks were 4 sticks of Cinnamon Chocolate disguised as the spice. These were my favourite of the three to eat.


Sri Bua really made dinner close on a high for us with lots of fun and laughter as we tried to decipher the inedible from the edible. It was a beautiful night out so we moved from the restaurant out onto the courtyard of Kempinski Hotel where we chatted some more under the moonlight and cool breeze.

Then, we moved swiftly along to a nightclub called Sing Sing that was recommended by Flo’s colleague. It was a very pretty place and we had a table up on the second floor but unfortunately, we weren’t blown away by the music at all and the crowd felt a little pretentious – you know, the kind of place you go to more to be seen than to let loose and have fun.


That being said, I was quite awed by their toilet doors and how you have to close them before using this huge baton to lock them. They’d also serve well as a weapon of self-defence against sleazy, half-drunk men who might follow you to the toilet. Just a thought. 


Rounding this post with a #wefie of us! I was the only one not on alcohol and yet, I’m also the only one who looks a little too happy here. Haha.


I’ll be posting up more about our visit to Bangkok and to Krabi over the next week, while sprinkling a few posts about recent bakes as well so stay tuned!

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