As you can probably already tell, most of my time in the kitchen is spent on baking up the sweet stuff. A few times a week, I crack my brain trying to think of what I can make for Flo that he’ll enjoy, but that’s also a little bit healthier. So last week, I decided to go Japanese, mainly because I had most of the ingredients already which is always a good thing when thinking of what to cook!

I managed to have more than enough to make extra for Mum and Dad. Mum’s a Yakisoba fan and more often than not, loves to order a plate of Yakisoba (if not Oyako-don) whenever we go out for Japanese at ‘our usual’. It was the perfect arrangement then, that the next day, I was going to meet Mum in the afternoon so I quickly made a fresh batch first thing in the morning so they could have it fresh…ish.

I tried to be good with my pictures but it’s no easy feat taking photos while cooking at the same time – not safe! But I did manage a picture of my mise-en-place. Before you begin, julienne your carrots, slice your onions, mushrooms and cabbage, cut up your piece of chicken breast, and mix up your marinade. Ideally, if using fresh yakisoba noodles, keep it out so that it comes to room temperature. The noodles will be looser and better for cooking. Alternatively, run some hot water quickly through it and you should be good to go.


From mise-en-place….

To freshly cooked Yakisoba!!


One of the most satisfying feeling that comes from cooking is knowing that you’re feeding your loved ones with fresh, good food. You can adjust the amount of oil and salt content that goes into dinner, and the added love and care makes it tastes so much the better. I enjoy trying out new recipes and creating variety at meal times because I know just how hard Flo works and there’s nothing better than coming home to a warm, home cooked meal.

With this plate of yakisoba, I had my ingredients prepared and it took all of 15min to have it from raw ingredients, to steaming up in front of Flo. So essentially, as soon as Flo reached home, I gave him his welcome home kiss and went into the kitchen while he went to change into something more comfortable. Once he was out of our bedroom, I was just about done! No sweat! Well.. maybe just a little but more from the heat from the stove than from any physical exertion.


Yakisoba (Serves 1-2)

100g Chicken Breast, sliced

1/2 Onion, preferably white but I only had red.
1/2 Carrot, julienned
4 Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms, sliced
2 Leaves Cabbage, Sliced
Black Pepper
1 pkt Fresh Yakisoba Noodles (approx 170g)

1 tsp Honey or Sugar
1 tsp Soy Sauce
2 tsp Oyster Sauce
2 tsp Tomato Sauce
2 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce

  1. Mix ingredients for sauce together and set aside.
  2. Heat oil in a skillet. Once smoking hot, add in chicken breasts to brown and cook through. Remove and set aside.
  3. Lower heat and fry onions and carrots until softened. This may take about 3-5min. 
  4. Add in cabbage and cook until wilted.
  5. Add mushrooms to cook for a minute before adding the chicken back into the pan.
  6. Season with black pepper. 
  7. Now, add in the noodles and the sauce. Toss everything together until well mixed and heated through. 
  8. Serve with pickled ginger and shredded seaweed if desired. I didn’t have either so I garnished with hot pickled ginger which didn’t quuuuite go together but I tried.


Flo gave me his two thumbs up for this dinner, as did Mum and Dad the day after. Looks like I’ll be making more Yakisoba in good time! Also, I have a tiny confession to make – for some reason, I just couldn’t find our bottle of tomato sauce (and obviously I only caught sight of it right in front of my nose AFTER I needed it) so I contemplated nicking some from McDonald’s. Thing is, I never eat at MacD’s so I knew I’d feel guilty about it. In the end, I decided to make do with the Currywurst Ketchup that we have. It did the trick anyhow and probably amped up the umami factor of this dish.

So yes, I lied in my recipe, it’s currywurst ketchup I used, not tomato ketchup. Same same but different. Use whatever you have at hand and improvise if you have some ingredients missing – that’s what I usually do, and who knows? You might end up with a result far better than you expected!

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