Let’s Talk Strategy.

It’s been a while since I last shared about my visits to Dr. A. I did see her for a session the week I returned from London but I didn’t feel like I took too much away from that. Last Friday was a little more productive. It was a bit of a frenzied morning and the heavy rain made me reluctant to drive. However, I had to deliver 5 large boxes of muffins after so I had little choice but to push ahead. And of course, I lived to tell the tale.

With regards to ED recovery, I feel very much as though I’ve hit a rut. I’m not falling back, but I’m not pushing far ahead either. I guess it’s been tiring mentally for me especially because I’m also trying to organise the memorial my extended family wants to hold for Aunty Judy. It won’t be a big one but I’ve been looking up possible venues and trying to liase with the events managers in order to decipher where will be best for us in terms of price and location.

Still, Dr. A mentioned that she can see that I do have a strong determination to reach my goal weight and cultivate a healthy relationship with food, and that it is sometimes about strategy. The same strategy can be applied to every one person struggling with ED, but the outcome will vary. So in that sense, we all require a strategy most useful to us in order to keep forging forward as no one strategy fits all.

We discussed a little about how I may be able to motivate myself further and agreed that I can continue to eat the foods I am already eating, but to add a little more. That is, to increase my portions of fruits and vegetables since that’s the food group I fear the least and also one that ED is likely to close one eye on. From there, I will need to keep working my way up to a portion that is normal and sustainable.

Flo and I just spent the long weekend in Yangon. Dr A anticipated that my meal plans would probably have been disrupted so we agreed to meet again in 2 weeks’ time instead to check on my progress. So on the whole, things are still looking up. I’ll keep with the updates don’t you worry, and I’ll be sharing more recipes in upcoming posts, as well as give you the scoop on our trip to Yangon!

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