Before I Flew Away.

I’m back from our two-week trip to Europe and OMG! It was the best. We were so very blessed as well in that Flo and I were in Borough Market/London Bridge just the day before the attacks. I was quite shocked when I landed in Singapore to receive texts from friends wondering if we were ok. I checked the news immediately only to read about what had happened while I was on the plane.

It saddens me a lot to think of how man can kill man in the name of what they claim is their religion. I don’t like to step much onto political or religious issues even though I have my own thoughts about them, but I have lots of Muslim friends and I know that Islam does not preach violence. So in my opinion, I think that the people who are attacking the innocent in the name of Islam really aren’t real Muslims. They use the guise of being Muslim in order to carry out these attacks, whether consciously or unconsciously.

It’s easy to then think that it’s safer not to travel. But that gives these kinds of people the satisfaction in knowing that we are afraid. Life cannot stop because no matter where we are, something can always happen – anything.

Anyway, to happier things…

Before I dive into my Hamburg/London trip, I had to share this recipe with you. I had quite a fair bit of fresh fruit left in the fridge the day before I was set to leave and with whatever I had left in the kitchen, I whipped up these loaves.


Summer Fruit Loaf Cake (Yields 2 Small Loaf Cakes)

3 Eggs
75ml Corn Oil
135g Greek Yoghurt
100g Caster Sugar
120g Brown Sugar

250g Plain Flour
7.5g Baking Powder
7.5g Baking Soda
10g Ginger Powder
5g Cinnamon Powder

1/2 Mango, Cubed
4 Strawberries, Cubed
Bunch of Blueberries

  1. Preheat oven to 175deg C and line two small loaf tins.
  2. Mix eggs, oil and yoghurt together in a bowl. Then whisk in sugars.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients.
  4. Add fruit into flour mixture to coat.
  5. Fold dry ingredients into wet mixture until just incorporated.
  6. Pour batter into prepared loaf tins and bake for 45min or until golden brown and springy to the touch.
  7. Remove from oven and allow to cool before removing from tins.

I gave a loaf to Mum and Dad for church and kept one for myself. I loved the lightness the yoghurt brought to the cake and because the fruits were sweet, I didn’t need to add too much sugar to the recipe either. These loaf cakes scream of summer and with a dollop of mascarpone cream on top, they’d be perfect for tea time.

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