Chicken Tonight.

Flo’s friend Chris just left to Phuket yesterday after spending 5 days with us from Germany. Flo’s leaving tonight to join him for a long weekend break so I’ll be all by my lonesome the next few days.

It’s been a busy week so far with baking and meetings and health-checks, and later this afternoon, I’ll be going to see Dr. A. I also have quite a bit of housekeeping to do since I slacked off last week with Chris around. Okayyyy… So that’s more of an excuse since he did spend time out and about but stillllll…

One of the evenings Chris was here, we brought him to one of the few places he enjoys here in Asia – Din Tai Fung. The little soup dumplings have never failed us in titillating the tastebuds of many Europeans who have traversed our land. This includes Chris, who finds seafood a turnoff, and hasn’t managed to develop immunity against any level of spiciness. Oh and did I mention, no chicken for him either? But Xiao Long Baos? Big nod of approval!

He also enjoyed the Pork Chop Fried Rice as well as the Vegetarian Dumplings which are also a favourite of mine. Only this time around, their skin had a green hue and they looked like they’d slimmed down. Boo!! Still, the filling was tasty even if on the stingy side.

On Tuesday, we met up with another two local friends of Flo’s whom Chris had met when they holidayed in Hong Kong together a couple years back. Deciding on where to eat turned out to be quite the head-scratcher but in the end, we settled on…


Brotzeit’s the biggest chain in Singapore serving German food and of course, beer. Flo and Chris felt right at home. I think their food is skewed more to Bavarian cuisine with their famous Crispy Pork Knuckle and Schnitzel to be had.

The four men decided to share a Meat Platter consisting of a few varieties of German Sausages, Pork Knuckle and Pork Schnitzel, as well as a side of Mashed Potatoes and Sauerkraut. I underestimated their stomach capacity and thought there’d be food leftover but nope! They’d managed to pull their weight and clean the serving board!

I decided to hold back from the meat fest and went instead of their Seafood Salad. Sounds boring but with Seared Tuna, Smoked Salmon and a Giant Prawn chilling over a bed of Greens with Mandarin Oranges, Grilled Zucchini and Chopped Sun-dried Tomatoes, this was awesome!

Flo also ordered Pretzels. Proper, dense, chewy, savoury pretzels that were quite delicious with their herbed sour cream dip. These sure weren’t no Aunty Annie’s Pretzels y’all!

It was a good catch up and it’s always nice being able to meet with Flo’s friends. I always think it’s important to meet your partner’s friends and even better if you’re able to get on with them. Chris is the first friend from Flo’s tight circle back in Hamburg whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet. It took a while for us to warm up but I’m glad we managed to share some anecdotes and laughs together. This time next month, I’ll be over in Europe meeting the rest of Flo’s brothers from other mothers!!

Still home in Singapore though. I know that Flo’s been having quite a few stressful days at work, so last night, we decided to dinner at home so that we could also spend some quality couple time together. Following Flo’s meat streak, I decided to cook some chicken based on a recipe that I’ve been excited to try since weeks ago!

Although we had sides of Pumpkin Wedges and Sautéed Onions with Mushrooms, I made Grilled Chicken Breasts, Asian-style!

This recipe is simple to make, as with all my other recipes, and oh-so-yummeh! I liked the hint of spice along with that touch of sweet from the marinade. This might be my current favourite Grilled Chicken Breast recipe, along with the Mixed Spice one, simply because they’re so flavourful and the breast remains moist – or is that just my awesome cooking skills?

Which reminds me… Note to self: Cook the chicken another 30 seconds longer next time because these were just on the cusp of being cooked through. =X Also, one more piece of chicken for Flo who munched on a brownie after because one wasn’t enough. 

Asian Grilled Chicken Breast (Serves 2):

200g Chicken Breast

1/2 Tbsp Miso
1/2 Tbsp Gochujang 
1 Tsp Sesame Oil
1 Tsp Mirin
1/2 Tsp Chilli Flakes
1/2 Tsp Minced Garlic
1/2 Tsp Minced Ginger

  1. Butterfly the chicken breast to make two halves. 
  2. Mix all the other ingredients together and use to marinade the chicken for 1 hour or more – I had them sitting pretty in the fridge in the marinade for about 4 hours. 
  3. Just before cooking, let them sit out of the chiller for 15min so that they warm up a bit. 
  4. Heat oil in a non-stick pan at medium high heat and cook chicken for about 3-4 min on each side depending on their thickness. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! That’s it! If you happen not to have gochujang, you can also use your favourite chilli paste and add a little brown sugar to the marinade. Although, gochujang’s so versatile that you’d probably go through a small tub before you know it! Think: Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibimbap, Kimchi Seafood Stew, Dak Galbi aka Korean Spicy Stir-Fry… Oh the endless possibilities!

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