The Annual Smear.

It’s been a few years since I started seeing Dr. C, my gynaecologist. I know that most women wait until they are 30 while others wait until they fall pregnant before they see a gynae. I didn’t wait for either namely because I wanted to know whether I would be able to conceive because I stopped having my monthly periods naturally since developing the ED – that’s almost 10 years!

Dr. C helped me check my ovaries and uterus to see how healthy they looked, and thank God, she said that they looked perfect. This was about 3 years ago. Thereafter, I began having annual PAP smears, which is important for early cervical cancer detection.

I was active before the vaccine for cervical cancer was approved and promoted. However, a doctor once told me that while highly effective, there is no one vaccination that is able prevent the infection of all the difference strains of HPV. This means that even with the vaccination, women should still go for their yearly pap smears to ensure that they are entirely clear.

For me, my initial pap smear revealed that I had an HPV, as did the next one Dr. C carried out 6 months later. She then recommended a colposcopy be done in order to ascertain whether I had anything to worry about. Of course, I was anxious in the days leading up to the test, but it was short and quick, and not too uncomfortable. The results showed that I had Stage 0 cervical cancer which meant that while I had the potential to develop the cancer, it was more a ‘wait and see’ kind of a thing.

Dr. C then offered to me two options – we wait and see how my next pap turned out because these cells can go away with a stronger immune system and good nutrition, or I take these pills to help clear the virus although the downside was that they are extremely expensive. I chose the former.

Another 6 months later, I went for my scheduled pap smear, again. And by the grace of God, it came back clear! And so, I was finally able to book my next pap for a year later, which happened to be just this Monday.

I’m sharing something this intimate because I believe in the importance of going for health screenings regularly. Pap smears, breast checks especially after the age of 40, even regularly visits to the dentist. Oftentimes, we think that as long as we feel fine, then we are fine. While this is usually the case, there are things in our bodies that might go undetected until it is too late.

I find myself nagging at my friends to go for these checks but it often falls on deaf ears because they think it’s unnecessary, or they’re too busy, or it’s too costly. No price can be placed on health.

Anyway, this appointment with Dr. C, I also asked about how I may be able to stop the pill if I plan to try to start a family with Flo – Yes, yes, for the sake of Mum who I know reads my blog, it will be after marriage! 🙂

Right now, I’m still quite below the weight I need to be but she said that as I near my healthy minimum BMI, I can get off the pill and wait for my period to come back naturally. This will be the most difficult part for me because it means the possibility of steadily continuing to work my weight up even past the minimum – something I’ve not be able to do since the birth of ED. Still, nothing’s impossible.

For now, I await my latest pap smear results and as long as all goes well, I see Dr. C in April 2018 next… Unless we have a Mini Nat or Mini Flo before then!

2 thoughts on “The Annual Smear.

  1. “Unless we have a Mini Nat or Mini Flo before then!”

    That’s also for the sake of Mum who reads your blog is it? 😛

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