It’s always love having Flo come home at the end of a long day to me. We don’t always get time to do anything special on weekday evenings so when the weekend comes round, it’s nice to be able to spend quality time together.

On Saturday, after weeks of anticipation, the World Snack Fair finally came into being at Suntec City Convention Centre. We’d both been quite excited about the fair and to see what interesting snacks might be available to us. So in the afternoon, after Flo had a shower and a bit of a rest from playing football, we made our way down.

The Fair turned out to be a little on the anti-climatic side for us because most of the snacks are readily available in most supermarkets in Singapore already. Still, there was a buzz of people filling boxes with as many different snacks as possible – from Japanese corn crackers to Pocky to bottles of Arizona teas, and cookies imported from Europe. There wasn’t anything that particularly interested Flo and I until we reached the chocolate section!

With everything going at $10 for 3, Flo and I had a good look at the selection of Ritter-Sport chocolates. We chose 3 flavours that are not so commonly found in Singapore – Yoghurt, Fruits & Nuts, and Honey Almond. That made me more than happy knowing that our trip into town was not for nought. Oh the little things that make me feel over the moon!

It was still too early for dinner so we took a nice walk over to Esplanade before making our way to Boat Quay where Flo had a dinner place in mind. We’d agreed that it was going to be a Burger Challenge Night for me so while I was mentally kind of prepared (because you can never be 100% prepared), I was only half-certain as to which burger place he’d picked.

It turned out to be The Burger Bar by Fat Boys.

And we managed to snag a lovely table right along the Singapore River!

It wasn’t too challenging as we were able to either choose from the main burger menu, or build our own burger. The hardest part for me really is the thought of eating the bun, and calorie-laden sauces, and greasy meat patties, and mounds of cheese… OK so that’s just about everything.

Flo built his own Beef Patty Honey Oat Bun Burger with Caramelised Onions, Jalapeños, Lettuce, Tomatoes and BBQ Sauce. I had a bite of it and I have to admit that it was gooooood.

I went for the Big Bello without Pineapple (I don’t get pineapple in savoury foods to be honest), and added Jalapeños to the Balsamic Grilled Mushrooms, Grilled Peppers, Caramelised Onions, Pepper Jack Cheese and Chipotle Sauce Combo, all squished within a Wholewheat Bun. So yes, it was a vegetarian burger but a burger no less and the portobello was incredibly ‘meaty’ and satisfying.

I will admit that I took off the top bun but I did have some of the Truffle Fries my dear boyfriend seems to have a penchant for.

It was fun being able to sit across from Flo and enjoy a burger with him. I guess there’s always a form of bonding in the simple act of eating the same food together. I hope that the next time we have a burger together, I’ll be able to ‘level-up’ and have something meaty between the buns. Pun, not intended! I think.

We had a really good weekend overall although poor Flo was aching quite a bit from all the football. We relaxed on Sunday with a facial, and ended the weekend with good ol’ Sashimi and Sushi. Now it’s back to the crunch but the upside is, there’s always another weekend to look forward to!

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