The irony that at the bottom of this article about Liza Golden-Bhojwani and how she learned to embrace herself after struggling with anorexia as a runway model is a link to “‘Healthy’ Foods with Hidden Calories“. Similarly, it boggles my mind how flipping through a Fitness and Health magazine often means having to see advertisements of slimming ads or weight loss supplements being placed alongside “Why Quick-Fix Weight Loss Solutions Don’t Work”… which is one of the reasons why I stopped reading any kind of magazines apart from ones about Food and Travel.

I digress.

I really enjoyed reading about Liza and how she let go of her days as a model and as a model with anorexia. It can’t have been easy allowing her body to finally return to its natural state while also giving up her modelling career especially as she was booking jobs at some of the most high profile fashion shows.

Recently, as a result of my struggle to let go of the ED, there has been more friction between Flo and I especially at meal times. I can understand from his point of view how having me refuse that extra slice of bread, or that extra piece of cheese, so stubbornly may indirectly appear to be a refusal as well to embrace the future we envision – a future together, building a family together. It’s not true. But I can see too that my actions say otherwise.

Why is it that embracing another person, giving comfort, showing love and acceptance to another person feels so much easier than embracing oneself?

It’s kind of like forgiveness. How do you know when you have truly forgiven a person because you can say you have but still feel this little wedge in your heart whenever the person comes to mind. Similarly, how do you know when you have truly learned to embrace yourself?

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