Work & Play.

This weekend was a lovely balance between work and play. More play, less work of course. Saturday I had to prepare and deliver to two locations – one was my usual cafe that orders cheesecakes and banana breads from me, the other was from a Trampoline Park for a child’s birthday. I usually make 3D trampoline cakes for birthday events at the trampoline park although truth be told, they’re really not much to look at. I mean, how pretty can a trampoline look?! So when I had a request for a Pokemon Cake, I decided to take the order as a new challenge to myself.

Those who know me know I don’t quite fancy myself as a fondant cake creator. I generally prefer homey, comfort cakes that are decorated simply with fresh fruit and chocolate. So whenever I get orders for fondant figurines especially, I tend to take them and then worry that I might not be able to get the characters to look as they should. Still, there is always a sense of achievement and pride after the hours I put into moulding each character and finally placing them on the cake.

While I still feel I could have made the three Pokemon figurines – Bulbasaur, Clefairy and Snorlax (I had to google their images because I have no clue about Pokemon) even better, I’m pretty pleased with the end product. And I am aware that the Pokeball has another black bit of circle right in the middle within the white, and I did add that in. Only thing is I’d taken photos of the cake prior to correcting that little oversight and didn’t take any after. My bad.

Anyway, Flo accompanied me to deliver to the cafe and then to the trampoline park. I’m thankful for that because I don’t like driving much so it’s always nice to have some company.

Sunday morning, we went to meet our couple-friends, Alex and Amanda. They moved just down down down the road from us about a week ago so we decided to meet up for breakfast which turned more into brunch. Flo’s been wanting to have Roti Prata at Mr. and Mrs. Moghan‘s over at Crane Road for a few weeks now so that was our venue of choice.

After Amanda and Alex arrived a little after 10am, we placed our orders at the stall where prata dough was being made fresh and then cooked onto a well-oiled griddle. The coffee shop was just filled but we managed to find a table right at the back on the side. I didn’t think it would take that long but it took about an hour before Mrs. Moghan waved at Flo to signal that our pratas were ready.

Our stack of  7 was quickly distributed amongst the four of us. Alex and Amanda went for some of the other variations like the egg prata, and cheese and mushroom prata, while Flo and I stuck to the original Prata Kosong aka Plain Prata. I opted for Dalchar instead of Fish Curry to eat with the prata.

Now, I’m really not a prata connoisseur but I think it was probably above average. You can’t go wrong with prata dough made on-site and served crisp and hot, while remaining fluffy on the inside. Of course, not a lot of places in Singapore make them this way anymore. Most shops tend to cook their dough and reheat it before serving resulting in limp pratas. Also, many are unable to get the right balance between fluffy and crisp. In addition, the dalchar was flavourful and thankfully, not salty. I tried some of Amanda’s fish curry gravy and that had a nice hint of sour notes from the assam.

I think Flo has managed to make Amanda and Alex believers in Mr. and Mrs. Moghan being the ultimate Prata Maestros here in Singapore. They loved it!

After our prata brunch, we took a short walk to our place to cool down and have something cold to drink before we all piled into the car for a day visiting Kranji Countryside. With Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa in Chiang Mai, Dad left the car at our place so we decided to put it to good use and drive to the ends of our little red dot.

First stop: Bollywood Veggies.

Essentially, Ivy Singh-Lim the owner of Bollywood Veggies, has opened her giant garden to everyone. The organic farm has managed to grow lots of banana trees and papaya trees, and Amanda was quite enamoured by the pretty flowers growing in some of the bushes. There were little areas with swings and skeleton huts, as well as stumps to sit or climb up upon.

It was really hot while we were there though, so after we had poked around enough, we returned to the Bollywood Veggies eatery for some respite from the heat. Each of us ordered a refreshing glass of iced Lemongrass Tea, while Amanda also ordered a Sago Gula Melaka Pudding. We all managed a taste of her dessert which was not overly sweet despite the good kick of beautiful palm sugar used within.

Our next stop: Hay Dairies.

I thought that this would have been our favourite farm to walk around but ooH, the stench of the goats didn’t make the visit too pleasant. Or perhaps it was the goats’ poo.

There’s an area first for milking the female goats but the part that visitors would interact with the goats were where they were fed. From little kid goats to female does to giant male bucks.

Some of the bucks looked intimidating as they stood up on their front legs, a few in a row, almost as if challenging us to a dual. I don’t think so.

Flo did make a good point though –  as well looked after as these goats are, it’s sad that they will probably live their entire lives never being able to walk on grass.

I bought a small bottle of their goat’s milk so that we could all have a try. I remember drinking goat’s milk before and having it taste very ‘goaty’. Surprisingly, the milk at Hay Dairies didn’t taste much different from cow’s milk although it did lack in that creaminess that fresh cow’s milk often has.

Our final stop for the day: Jurong Frog Farm.

This was the place I was least anticipating namely because I’d visited before and only recalled the frogs all looking quite disgusting especially when they’re all close to each other, sometimes climbing over one another. I now understand why the Princess didn’t want to kiss the frog… She did eventually but I’m not sure if I’d be desperate enough to kiss one in order to get myself a prince. In any case, I already have Flo. :p

That being said, I think the boys were most intrigued by the giant sized frogs with their popping-out eyes. I didn’t take any photos here but I’m pretty sure they did. There were various ponds that had the frogs at different stages of their lives – from tadpole to adult. There were a few other ponds containing fish like the tilapia. I have to admit though, it’s quite amazing how loud those frogs can croak and interestingly, you can never quite tell which one’s guilty of croaking.

Farm visits over, I made the long drive back to drop Amanda and Alex back, and then it was home for Flo and I. When I say ‘long’, it was really about 40min but it felt like ages to me especially when I’m used to driving 20min tops! Anyway, it was good spending time with Amanda and Alex but I guess the heat caught up with me because I ended up having a splitting headache the rest of the day through to the next morning.

Flo and I had a lazy evening in and we watched Fight Club together since I’d never watched it before. I never thought Fight Club would be my kind of film but I was actually quite wow-ed by it even though clever me guessed early on what the twist was. Won’t say it here just in case some of you haven’t watched it and plan to. I’m nice like that!

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