It’s our third day in Panglao, Bohol, The Philippines! It started off a little rough because, you know, ED stuff… But I decided that I have to let go sooner or later. I don’t know how far I will go before Fear overcomes Strength and Determination but neither do I think I need to think too far ahead right now.

After a lengthy talk with Flo on Sunday night, I was determined to make change for the sake of our future. Yes yes, this has been mentioned repeatedly by me in previous posts but this time, I showed him just how much I meant what I was saying.

Yesterday, we ourselves at Bohol Bee Farm and Restaurant where we found really good grub for lunch. It’s supposedly an entirely organic menu and set overlooking beautiful clear waters.

I started off with a Seafood Soup – nothing too scary.

But omg the Squash Bread they served was so good with their Pesto Butter and Honey Butter that I could hardly keep myself from demolishing it all. So.. I did. Well, Flo managed to nab himself a slice. The chips on the right we weren’t too bothered by.

Post-lunch, I felt brave enough to let go and continue enjoying the rest of our meal. So a Squash Muffin was called into action and requested to be served warm (I tell you warm muffins make ALL the difference) with a side of creamy Buko (aka Coconut) Ice-Cream.

Flo and I shared this and it was simply delightful. So fluffy and soft. I NEED the recipe!

We ended up returning there again for today’s lunch. I am really blessed beyond words that my bf is willing to travel back and spend on going to a place that he knows serves food I enjoy. I’m very touched at the extent in which he is willing to go in order to support and encourage me on this journey towards health. 🙂

So today, I gave myself a little bit more of a push – really with Flo’s help because I truly wasn’t feeling quite up to fighting this lunchtime. I ordered a Spicy Flower Salad which was not just lovely to look at but also tasty to a tee with it’s creamy spicy dressing and finely chopped chicken beneath. Flo has some and agreed it was surprisingly good!

He had a Seafood Pizza of which I had two slices of! Go me! Considering that Carbs are ED’s ultimate enemy (for me at least) I relished the pizza. Haven’t had a slice since forever and it was even better that it had a nice, thin crust and was made in part with coconut flour too! 

Of course, I indulged in my new best friend – squash bread. Pretty much polished off all of it save for half a slice Flo managed to get at.

And we finished off this time with a warm Carrot Muffin and Salted Honey Ice-Cream. We both prefer the Squash Mufiin even though the Carrot one was incredibly moist and deliciously fluffehhh as well. I had most of the ice-cream since Flo was full. 
After all the goodies, I felt insanely happy with all the carbs and fat that my body was feeding off on. I refused to feel too bad about it knowing that I still have a lot of work on front of me. I did still text Mum for extra support because while I was feeling happy and proud of myself, there was still admittedly fear behind it all. And some guilt and having let go. 

Again, I’m really blessed to have a mother who is able to reassure me even when miles and miles away. She always tries to comfort me and encourage me when I feel uncomfortable after food, more often than not finding the perfect words to help me feel better.

The wonderful thing about being here in Bohol is that there are Bible verses everywhere! On walls, on the sides of their taxis, on their church walls of which there are many.. So they help remind me of God’s presence. 

I will update in full about our adventures in The Philippines. We’re here a total of 2 weeks but I wanted to just update on the ED side of things while it’s all still fresh. I hope I continue to make progress while on this holiday and that I will get home with a better frame of mind for when I have to start tackling ED alone at some of my meal times once more. 🙂 But… I’ll leave that worry for when we return home. 

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