One of Those Days.

Throwback to Friday:

Just one of those days where everything feels meh. It started off raining and raining and raining and stopped around lunch time but the skies have been quite dreary since, aptly reflecting my mood.

That said, I’m quite glad that I managed to pull myself together and get my tasks done for the day. We have glass walls in our kitchen which allows me to use marker pens to write the things I plan to do each day and I can simply wipe it all off with a damp cloth after. So today it was mainly baking for some of the cafes and getting ready a cake for a private order for tomorrow.


It’s another Passionfruit Curd Lychee Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. The curd was a little more flowy then I’d have liked but thankfully I managed to work it. Overall I’m pleased with the cake and I hope the birthday girl and her family will enjoy it.

Also after much procrastination post-lunch, I made a short walk to Dad’s friend’s print shop about 10min away from here to pick up my new business cards and business stickers! I decided to make some stickers so that I can put them on cookie jars and cake boxes. I’m hoping that they will help market me a bit more since they’ll be on every box and container that I use compared to business cards that I only hand out on occasion.

There’s been a fair bit of things on my mind today – mostly related to my future. I think oftentimes we tend to want to enjoy the present, which isn’t much of a bad thing of course, but we end up forgetting to look forward to consider how the present might evolve over time. It seems that turning a blind eye to certain things now, and hoping that they will iron themselves out is acceptable. It isn’t. Eventually, those things might become destructive as resentment builds up. Which is why communication is so important. While I know that my communication habits have improved, there is still room for me to vocalise my thoughts and fears. I’ll try to elaborate on this another day.

Off to make dinner. On the menu: Poke Bowls!


It’s been quite a whirlwind of a weekend and I cannot believe Flo and I will be in the Philippines this time next week already!

I did make my Poke Bowls the other night and I must say that I was quite pleased with myself managing to put something quite delicious together. Our poke bowl had a salad base which I topped with Spicy marinated Tuna, Salmon and Swordfish sashimi (I marinated them myself!), home-pickled julienned Cucumber and Radish, Roasted Pumpkin, Chuka Wakame (a seasoned seaweed), and some lightly Sugared Walnuts. To be honest, I’ve never tried a poke bowl before but Flo gave me his two thumbs up so I’m going to happily assume that these bowls met the mark.

Saturday went by crazily fast. We made our cake delivery before going to Dempsey to have lunch and to pick up some fresh meats from Huber’s Butchery.

We had a Linsen Zuppe aka Lentil Soup which was hearty with smoky bits of bacon inside. A touch salty for my liking but that aside, I actually think I will try to replicate it at home one evening!

We shared a Roast Beef sandwich in Brioche Bun but it was a bit disappointing in that the beef seemed a little well done and the bun was quite oily.

Anyway, we were caught in the heavy rain soon after our shopping for sausages, steaks and kebab skewers were done, and ended up spending at least 40min trying to book a taxi since Uber and Grab were offering to take us home for $30!! Twice the amount we finally paid for the taxi we managed to book in the end.

I managed to whip up a quick German Cheesecake for yesterday’s housewarming before we rushed off to meet Flo’s friend, Nico, and girlfriend, Jecky, for dinner. Nico and Flo hadn’t caught up in years but somehow, upon meeting they got on like no time was lost between them. I enjoyed meeting Nico and Jeckie very much. Each time I am blessed with the opportunity to meet Flo’s friends, I cannot help but be blown away by how splendid they are. I’m glad because it also reflects the kind of man Flo is to be surrounded by such wonderful people.


Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early to join some young adults from Hope Church, as well as some local Food Bloggers and Influencers in Bread for Life.

We broke into small groups and handed out a loaf of fresh bread to each home in this one block in Toa Payoh. It’s a block entirely made up of one-room rental flats and most of these are occupied by single elderly.

It was eye-opening for me having only seen homes like these on TV or heard about them from others. To see old aunties and uncles receiving their loaf of bread with such gratitude and happiness was extremely touching. But it was also heart-wrenching to see how some of them live – from homes with piles of boxes and old newspapers everywhere, leaving only a narrow path for them to move to and fro; to sparse homes with few luxuries.

While I was away, Flo picked up all the last minute items we needed for our housewarming. Our initial plan to have a small BBQ by the pool was eventually scrapped as the weather was acting a little unpredictable. So in the end, we decided to hold it at home where about 20+ of us managed to squeeze in and create a rather cosy atmosphere together. Even Nico and Jecky managed to come over!

It was food galore indeed but somehow, we managed to find just enough space on our small dining table to fit everyone’s dishes. We had a delicious spread of some local food, homemade braised vegetables, homemade roast pork, some Thai food, a variety of sushi, some fast food as well, Mum’s delicious Thai olive rice, a simple charcuterie and cheese board, homemade penne carbonara, homemade mushroom soup, homemade marmite chicken wings, fresh fruit… In the end, we decided to do a rain check on the meat we bought from Huber’s because it’d have been way too much otherwise.

Still, I was very pleased that somehow, everyone managed to save some room for dessert! The Vanilla Bean German Cheesecake was well received and as most of us at the housewarming have never tasted German Cheesecake, we were pleasantly surprised and how light it was, and how the buttery crust added that welcomed touch of richness to it. The Quark used created a tangy, almost lemony profile to the filling and was much easier to eat compared to its American counterpart especially after a heavy meal.

It was all in all a wonderful gathering I think. Tiring for sure but to have so many friends, and my beautiful parents over, really filled our home with love. I had fun catching up with my friends, and also meeting some of Flo’s friends that I have heard of but never met before. It was also heartening to see everyone treat our home with respect. So much so that cleaning up was a breeze for me.


This morning, Flo weighed me and I somehow managed to lose more weight this week. I’m a little puzzled and more than ever, I know that Flo feel so much at a loss at what he can do to help me. We agreed that this week I won’t be swimming and I will make a greater effort and eating more. Otherwise, I might have to admit myself into hospital and I know that I don’t want that. So… for now we will keep fighting ED together.

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