First Getaway of 2017.

We’re back safe and sound!

Flo took me on a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life to nearby Bintan. I had little clue as to where we were going but guess that it might be one of our neighbouring Indonesian islands or possibly a staycation somewhere within Singapore.

Considering that I’m a Singapore girl through and through, I have never been to Pulau Ubin (one of Singapore’s own ‘rural’ islands), let alone Bintan or Batam. I usually depart from Singapore by plane rather than on ferries for some reason. So it was quite an eye-opening experience for me visiting Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to board the ferry that would take us to Bintan within an hour – the Terminal was totally like a miniature airport with its own little luggage belt and baggage trolleys! It was really cute albeit a little old school compared to our dear Changi Airport.

Flo booked us a room at Angsana Resort and Spa which had a gorgeous view of the beach from our balcony.

We had dinner by the beachside restaurant but typical of resort-run restaurants, the food here was quite pricey – extremely pricey in fact by Indonesian standards. Our Salads were about $20+ each but I have to admit that they were nicely executed salads.

I had the Grilled Prawn Salad that consisted of large, fresh prawns, skewered with a stalk of lemongrass and grilled. Flo opted for a Caesar Salad that came with Chicken Satay which he loved. He sweetly gave me a stick and the char on the satay was just… love. Mmm..

Our Saturday on the whole was spent doing a lot of lounging around. We had a lazy morning in before we got out of bed for breakfast. The spread at Angsana was huge!!


Flo managed to also test out his drone and pieced together a short film of us in Bintan. It was well done and he’s now got used to controlling the drone more smoothly. I can’t wait to see what it’ll be able to do when we’re in Philippines end of the month and how Flo puts together a little montage of our trip after we’re back!

So yeah, it was pretty much a weekend of food and rest. I can’t say it sat well with me doing little much and the funny thing is that sometimes, doing little makes me feel even lazier.

Legit Tom Yum Kung Soup considering we were not in Thailand
I felt quite sloth-like by the end of Saturday and it was quite tiring for me in the sense that I know I could have enjoyed our time further if I wasn’t thinking so much about when our next meal would be because… Well, hunger kind of does that to you.

Soto Ayam for Saturday Dinner – Indonesian Chicken Soup with Glass Noodles
And usually, I have things to do throughout the day that keeps me occupied so time passes a lot faster. But when there’s only lazing around to be done, time seems to tick by very… very… slow… ly.

Over breakfast Sunday morning, I opened up to Flo about how much I wanted to indulge in breakfast and let go, but the fear of bingeing, and the subsequent fear of guilt and self-inflicted punishment just didn’t seem worth it. I shared with him more or less what I just mentioned in the paragraph before, and he encouraged me to enjoy myself, that he will love me no matter what, and that he was ready to comfort me when the pangs of guilt hit.

So for the first time in a long time, I had a plate of food that my body so needed and wanted. A warm roll eaten with butter, a mini pain au chocolat, half a waffle slathered with blueberry sauce and maple syrup, a mini pancake with vanilla sauce and peanut butter… Carbs galore! This was after a couple of half-hearted attempts at breakfast where I picked and left behind quite a bit of food.

Flo said that this was the first time he’d seen me have a good serving of food and smiling while eating it. I could tell he was really happy watching me eat. I started feeling the effects of being full after my plate was more or less cleaned up. And after a few more minutes, I obviously began to feel the guilt set in.

My Favourite Man-Child

As promised, Flo was there to catch my fall. When we got back to our room, he cuddled me and I shared my random thoughts as they appeared in my mind, crying one moment at all the wasted time, and another moment yearning for our future… Of course, my stomach also couldn’t quite handle the influx of food so I ended up with cramps and a stomachache, and then the rest of the day I couldn’t quite look at food because I was so full.

We caught our ferry home and were greeted with the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen so far. And in Singapore would you believe it? The last place I would ever think had sunsets so breathtakingly beautiful. It was the perfect goodbye to a weekend with my favourite man who planned this trip so selflessly, and a perfect hello to more of life together with him.

In the two days we were together, I feel like we managed to grow even closer and learn even more about each other than I thought possible, seeing that we were already very close. I know that Flo has given so much to me in the time we’ve been together and sometimes, I feel as though I’m shortchanging him with my issues that he has to contend with. I reminded him that one morning’s worth of Natalie winning, does not mean that she will win at every meal from now on. ED’s a sneaky one and will not lie fallow for long. But as Flo always tells me, two is better than one, and we are stronger together. So who knows? Perhaps this time, we will outwit and outlast ED.

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