It’s officially Day 3 of living in our new home and so far, the transition has been pretty smooth. I hope it carries on this way and that Flo and I will always appreciate each other’s presence.

On the 2nd, I decided to surprise him at the airport as he was finally coming home after spending two weeks back in Hamburg with his family and friends for Christmas and New Year’s. Me being me, it was an ‘almost fail’. I’d tracked his arrival and knew his plane would be landing quite on time.

Tea while waiting

Unbeknownst to me however, the plane that was also arriving from the same place was delayed, landing only about a half hour or less before his instead of an hour and a half earlier. This meant that two consecutive baggage belts were being occupied by Emirates and the flurry of passengers waiting for their luggages made it near impossible to spot Flo. To add to that, I became confused because I started wondering if perhaps he’d taken the earlier flight and hadn’t informed me, even though his itinerary said he was on the later one.

Anyway, when Flo texted to say that he’d arrived, I asked if he’s already got his luggage, to which he replied that he was queueing up at Duty Free waiting to pay for a bottle of Whiskey my parents had requested. So I thought, OK, that means he’s not out yet. So I nonchalently said that we’ll meet at home and that I was on the way there already, quietly confident that I would be able to see him once he came out. After what seemed like ages, I asked if he was on the way home because traffic was heavy – not true. He then texted back saying that he was just in line for a taxi and sure enough, I turned around and immediately spotted my favourite face there! Thank GOD I texted him at the right time! Otherwise I’d have had to follow behind him in another taxi and that would have been an epic fail.

It was a really lovely reunion and it felt good having him home. We exchanged Christmas presents…

I superlove my present because it was thoughtful and exquisitely beautiful, and not to mention, from my love! We went for a nice Japanese dinner and then spent the evening clearing out and reorganising our kitchen so I could put all my ingredients and equipment in. I did that first thing yesterday morning and now, everything has a home! I also vacuumed and mopped the floor, bought groceries to stock up our fridge and…

Made my first bake in the oven by whipping up a batch of Flo’s favourite cookies – The Rennekookies aka Dark Chocolate Cranberry Cookies. I packed some for him in a jar and also set aside a box to gift to Natasha and Jason who finally made it here from Canada – more about that later. I’m happy with the oven and the Oreo Cheesecake I baked after also turned out well so all’s good in the Rennetan camp.

Last night, Flo and I met up with Natasha and Jason who were in town from the 1st of Jan to this morning. Natasha and I met when she came over for an exchange while both of us were in Uni. She was reading my blog at the time and also had some issues related to eating so that put us on the same page.

When she returned to Montreal, we continued to keep in touch and she visited us about 4 years back bunking at our place for a week or so. We’ve continued to email each other regularly and finally, she made it back to Asia like, now! For two weeks. But she and her boyfriend Jason, were just in Singapore for a short hello before moving on to Malaysia where her maternal family are from.

Flo and I brought them out for dinner at Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Baos. We realise that this is one place that almost every visitor from abroad have been inclined to love (not just like) because the soup dumplings are different from other dim sums and expertly made to not only look refined, but also taste consistently delicious.

We then took them up to Flo’s office on the 49th floor where we had an amazing view of the Singapore skyline around the Marina Bay area. It was quite a clear night so the view stretching from Gardens by the Bay, to Marina Bay Sands, over to the Singapore Flyer and across to the Fullerton Bay/Clifford Pier area was breathtaking.


Natasha mentioned wanting to visit Gardens by the Bay so we went over to have a look see,  had a good ogle at the supertrees, before walking back to Marina Bay Sands and parting ways at the station.

It was a really good catch up with her, and it was nice meeting Jason as well after hearing so much about him through emails exchanged between us. It was lovely to see how well she’s doing and how happy she is with Jason. Sometimes, I can’t believe how many years have passed since we first met each other. Through all these years, we have continued to share our lives with each other in writing, confiding in each other about our fears and worries, and sharing triumphs and happy events pertaining to anything and everything.

Nat and Jason might stop over in Singapore before returning back to Canada although they’re not sure yet whether it will be for a couple hours or a day or more yet. If they transit here long enough to exit the airport, we’ll definitely make time to meet with them again.

Mkay, I’m heading off now because I decided I want to clean our bathrooms today. Nothing like giving the toilet a good scrub! Clean toilets = Happy Butts! 🙂

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