Rain gods of Bali.

If you read my post from Tuesday, you would know that the rain gods held the heavens up for us and forbade it to rain. Alas, they could only look favourably upon us for so long before the waters unleashed themselves upon the whole of Bali with such fury at having been delayed in their rush towards the earth.

It started off raining in the morning when we bid goodbye to our villa and hopped into our van for the day at 10.20am. We were optimistic that the rain would give way to the sun eventually and upon reaching Ubud after 1.5hours sitting on our bums, it looked like we were right!

As planned, we found our way to The Elephant for brunch. It gave our huge vibes of chilled-ness and patrons were given the option of walking around it bare foot if preferred.

Very hipster-esque but in a way that was hardly pretentious.

It was almost like stepping into a friend’s open-concept Balinese-inspired living room with all its rattan and wood-themed furniture, and with its surroundings cushioned by lush greenery.

The cafe serves vegetarian food as well as some veganised options as well, but with brunch food on the menu, you could hardly have missed on the meats to be honest!

Having read up a bit on The Elephant, I decided to go for one of their raved about salad bowls. The ‘Gorilla’ Bowl was a beauty to the eyes and to the tastebuds with fresh Salad leaves mixed with sweet Roast Pumpkin and Red Peppers, Long Beans, Beetroot, Feta Cheese, Walnuts and oh my word, the loveliest Chargrilled Aubergine that had a subtle smokiness that made it want to melt into a heap of Pleasure. It was almost like Baba Ganoush actually. So frikkin’ gooooood! I’m going to try and replicate this one day. Soon.

Fel and Abby went for the Parmesan Omelette which was quite fluffy and not fully set in the middle which in my opinion is how an omelette should be! I tried some of Fel’s and quite like the hit of saltiness from the cheese.

Les had the Zucchini Omelette.

And Angie went for the Potato Stacks with Mushrooms and Poached Eggs. Afterwhich she added a portion of Toast with Peanut Butter since they were out of Vegemite.

We also shared a Smoothie Bowl which goes unpictured because it was not quite as pretty as the Acai Bowl from Sisterfields and didn’t blow us away when we ate it. It was nice, but not particularly special. More like a fruit bowl with strawberry yoghurt.

By this time, the grey clouds had stormed their way over to Ubud and began to rain on our parade. Our Plan A to walk around Ubud Market to look for some homeware items as well as a particular kind of dress Fel was looking for had to be scrapped. Plan B was to visit a nice spa and get a massage. We found one highly recommended on TripAdvisor but we were turned away upon arrival for not having any reservations. Boo! So back into the van we went.

It was about 2pm by then and we had 1.5 hours to return to Seminyak, and a 7pm dinner reservation awaiting us. So we decided to cut our losses and assume that the rain wasn’t going to let up – Apparently it didn’t. We headed back to Seminyak and hang around Seminyak Square for a bit before we braved the rows of shops lining the streets in search for ‘The Dress’ and a sarong Fel was also after.

Again, after half an hour of relief, the rains began to fall once more pushing us to wait it out at Revolver Cafe where the coffee was, according to the girls, subpar.

If you’re clever like me, you would have gone for the Hot Lemongrass Tea. You can never go wrong with a tea bag and hot water!

We also shared what was supposed to be a Lemon Slice but it was disappointing with its overly sweet icing that tasted more of coconut that anything else. It was essentially shortbread with icing on top, and no sight of lemon curd!!! Or lemon anything. 😦

At 5.30pm, we decided that the rain was light enough for us to walk back to Seminyak Square to meet our driver at 5.45pm. Of course, going by Indonesian timing, he arrived promptly at 6pm so when we got back to our villa about 10 minutes later, we had all of 20 minutes to get ready and leave again to our dinner venue. And we managed to do it!! By 6.30pm, we had freshened up and changed into clean clothes to go to Metis Restaurant.


Now, we were bowled over by Rock Bar the day before, but Metis… Metis was breathtaking with its soft lights that danced across their indoor al-fresco dining area, tasteful art decorations that highlighted pieces from their art gallery, and green space that unfolded before us as we dined.

We were served these delightful Molten Cheese-filled Gougeres once we had settled into our seats.

Alongside, we also had two kinds of warm breads with a perfectly spreadable dish of butter.

The 4 girls were keen to start on Pan-Seared Foie Gras so each ordered a serving after the server expressed that it was just a piece per portion. Turns out it was more like a stack of two generous pieces of Foie Gras with Roasted Apples served in a Berry Sauce, Toasted Brioche and a slice of Raisin Toast. All of us were quite surprised by how much there was but still, all of them managed to lick their plates clean! I was quite impressed. I skipped on the starter since I’m not a big fan of foie gras and also because it would put a dent in my appetite for the Mains.

I went for the Atlantic Fillet of Seabass ala Plancha with Nicoise Vegetables and Kalamata Coulis and Basil Oil. I loved its gorgeous crisped skin and how moist, clean-tasting and fresh its flesh was.

Les, Fel and Angie chose the Ox Tail and Beef Cheeks served with Cheesy Polenta, and Abby had the Duck Confit. Portions for the mains were manageable and all were well-executed so a table of delighted girls we were. So much so that even though we were quite full by this point, we still decided there was just enough space for dessert!

So while the other three went for smokes, Les and I ordered the Chocolate Pistachio Souffle and the Chocolate Moelleux since Abby wasn’t too keen on the former.

The Souffle was stuffed with Chantilly Cream and served with Citrus Marmalade and Coconut Parfait. The pistachio cream went nicely with the souffle without overpowering the chocolate, and eaten with the marmalade, a zesty, refreshing dimension was added to it. It was an incredibly light and fluffly dessert, but lacked the chocolate oomph I was hankering after.

So just as well we also had to Moelleux aka Molten Lava Cake which came with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream. Nothing like the classic combination of hot and cold! Oh this was divine! Perfectly oozy in the middle with rich Manjari chocolate. I had to practice a lot of restraint not to keep reaching out for more otherwise there would have been nothing left for the rest.

It was a sweet ending to our last meal in Bali. For this trip anyway. We lazed in the luxury of Metis for a little while longer before we went back to our Villa to unwind and pack for our morning flight home.

Our all-girls getaway ended too quickly and my initial apprehension at having to leave all my baking behind for the few days evaporated within hours of reaching Bali. Minutes in fact! I’m glad I got the opportunity to know Lesley’s other bridesmaid a bit more and understand why she holds them close to her heart. It was awesome that we all got on so well and my love for Les definitely trumps work. Any day!

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