Bali Life.

3 full days in Bali. 5 girls. 1 (short) adventure.

Thursday early morning Les, Abby, Angie, Fel and I met at the airport at 5.45am(!!) to catch our 7.05am flight to Denpasar, Bali. We all got there more or less on time, checked in and decided to have a quick cuppa and a small bite before heading to our gate. So there we were whiling away our time until Angie glanced at her watch and went “Hey babes it’s 6.55am already!”

We quickly but calmly scooted off our seats and went brisk-walking towards our gate which was very nicely situated riiiiight at the end of the terminal. About halfway there, this ground staff asked if we were going to Bali, to which we obviously replied that we were. And then suddenly she was off running, beckoning us to follow, and saying something into her walkie-talkie. We ran to our gate where we found the entire lounge clear of passengers already, and quickly had our bags scanned whereupon all 4 girls, bar me, were made to open their hand luggage because Abby had poked a teeny tiny hole in their duty-free bags holding bottles of alcohol. Apparently, that’s considered tampering and the staff pretty much said it wasn’t allowed but would let them off with a warning. While this was going on, I had to run through the lounge and get my boarding ticket scanned, then run down the gangway, and into the plane.

Upon entering, the plane looked quite empty so I figured being this late wasn’t too bad… Only to realise that the first couple of rows were the usual, unfilled ‘Business Class’ seats and from then onwards, the plane was pretty much full and we each had to walk down the Aisle of Shame as we made our way to Row 26 – about two-thirds the way to the back of the plane.

First time for all of us almost missing our flight. And there we were still sipping on coffee and tea no realising that we were due to be at the gate already. Unforgettable start to our trip that’s for sure!


We arrived at our villa around 11.30am and were let in by the villa staff only to realise within 2 minutes that the guests before us still hadn’t checked out yet. One was still in her bikini and she came out, a little cross – unsurprisingly – going “We still haven’t left yet!”. So we asked to have our belongings locked in one of their rooms and decided to go for a walk and look for some lunch.


We had a bit of a walk towards the Seminyak Square area where we decided to lunch at Sisterfields. They had a bit of a waiting list so we went across the road to Tiger Palm for drinks and because we took our time, we went back to Sisterfields only to find that they had jumped us.

They were quick though in getting us our table because did tell them we’d be at Tiger Palm instead of next door at Boss Man where their guests were supposed to wait, and they had said it’d be ok but I suppose they didn’t quite note that down.

Anyway, Sisterfields was so filled with Caucasians we could have probably told anyone that we were somewhere in Europe rather than in Indonesia, and they would have believed it. I didn’t have too high hopes for the food seeing that there is a lot of hype around Sisterfields but guess what?! I had to eat my words.

The food exceeded my expectations, as did the Piccolo Latte I had which had a lovely, smooth finish. The coffee also helped perk me up a little too much such that I ended up crashing early evening. No matter. It was nice.

acai berry bowl  (gf)
Blended frozen blueberry, banana, almond milk, cocoa nib & goji berry granola, coffee honey

We ordered everything to share beginning with their truly delightly Acai Bowl. It was incredibly flavourful, generous with fresh fruits and the fresh crunch of granola was the icing on the cake. I didn’t expect to be that blown away because even the one that most people consider to be the best in Singapore – Project Acai, fell a little flat when I tried it in terms of the texture of the Acai blend and how small the portion was for its price.

soft polenta, poached eggs 
Grilled baby corn, fresh jalapeno, avocado & corn salsa, corn chips, manchego cheese

Les wanted to try the Polenta dish so we had a portion of that. It was very Mexican-inspired, very creamy and indulgent, very comforting. Personally not something I would go for but I can definitely see why people would go for it.

smashed avocado 
Semi-dried cherry tomatoes, popped capers, feta, lime sea salt, whole grain toast

Yes, we did opt for the additional egg! I found the smashed avo a little on the salty side, possibly because of the capers on top of the sea salt. And the crust of the toast was a little chewy for me. But poached egg on smashed avo on toast is really a combination that can’t go far wrong.

chamoula butterflied sardines 
roasted cauliflower, smoked almonds, lentil, spicy salsa verde

I wanted the Poached Squid Salad but it was off the menu that day so I went for the Sardines. My first time trying seared fresh sardines and they were really nice! The smoked almonds added texture and flavour while the cauliflower lent an earthiness to the dish. Earth, Fire and Water.

Sisterfields dirty burger
160g beef patty, smoked cheddar, pickled onion rings, mustard, aioli, special house sauce, fries

I didn’t try the burger because I was quite stuffed by then but the girls went crazy over this. Apparently a proper legit burger executed to perfection.

We popped by one of the minimarts before we caught a taxi back to our villa which was thankfully cleared out and cleaned up by the time we reached.

We had a good poke around and I managed to claim a room for myself!

With my own toilet so no need to share my butt seat with anyone else!!!

It was a really nice villa – very airy and modern, with comfy beds and a well-equipped kitchen. 

We ended up relaxing in the pool most of the late afternoon and early evening before I felt myself crash from the caffeine (both from the coffee and a coke zero I had just before it). Suddenly felt light-headed and a bit out of sorts so I decided to stay in and have some oatmeal for dinner while the girls got their fingers dirty of Pork Ribs at Hog Wild followed by drinks at Potato Head Club. I did however, manage to skype with F while he waited to catch his flight to Venice via Amsterdam so that was a highlight for me!

Will write more on days 2 and 3 in Bali tomorrow or the day after. It’s late now and sleep beckons. Good night!

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