Where There Is Cake…

​Where there is cake, there are always happy smiles!

This is my mantra when it comes to baking. I remember about 4-5 years back, when I was still in London and A came home asking me if I would do a cake for his colleague’s son. The story goes that in the years prior, she had always bought her son cakes from the supermarket and as he always had shared parties with a couple of other boys, they would always have awesome 3-D cakes that outshone his, leaving him quite disappointed. So that year, Connor his name was, was to turn 6 years old and his love for cars had his mother request an F1 designed car cake for him.

Having never made a 3-D cake before, let alone a racing car one, I was stumped. Yet, before I could think through the possible challenges of creating this cake, I accepted the order, only to find myself in a bit of a panic 3 days before the birthday. Thank God for Google because I ended up having to learn quickly how to sculpt a racing car cake, and how to then apply fondant. I was adamant about not using inedible parts, so I resorted to using pretzel sticks to attach the wheels to the car.

It was a painstaking few days but when the cake was delivered and presented to the birthday boy, he was over the moon about it that he refused to allow his parents to cut the car. In the end, they had to eat the cake around it and made to store the car in their fridge. I wonder if it’s still there…

I remember the thrill as my brother relayed this to me and it made me all the more sure of why I wanted to complete my patisserie diploma and embark on a career in cake. It wasn’t about the money – anyone in this industry can probably vouch for that. It was simply the desire to help create happy memories for people through cake! I hope that when Connor becomes an adult, possible a father himself, that he will reminesce back upon his 6th birthday, when he insisted his parents keep his precious F1 car cake forever after.

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