On Solid Ground…

After a half hour delay…

A 13-hour flight…

Eggplant Spaghetti. Side of Israeli Couscous with Sultanas. Finished the sultanas. Lol

With a blah lunch…

Baked veg! No carbs! Grr.. Not impressed. Side salad was nice - only because it had artichokes.

And an even mehhh-er light meal…

I arrived safely and soundly in London.

And I woke up to be treated with gorgeous sunshine…

And warm weather.

So lovely and warm I wore a sleeveless top out and enjoyed the sun’s warmth against my skin…

So beautifully wonderful that I hummed hymns of praise to God for His perfect creations in nature as I walked to the high street twice today.

Then I came home and baked a lemon cake. x)

Yes. I miss home so much! But I thank God for the clear blue skies, the sparkling sun washing over the green green grasses of London and giving the leaves on the trees a golden hue. I am finding such comfort in His works!

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