All Things Bright and Beautiful…

It’s been a long day and I am so tired. I think it’s partly due to yesterday so I’ve been in a big daze pretty much the whole day. All I’ve been able to think about has been sleep, and slurping on a big bowl of brothy soup.

This morning, we had our part II of Patisserie Cakes. Chef Graeme demonstrated to us the Gateau Chantilly aux Fraises – Fresh Strawberry and Chantilly Cream Gateau.

He didn’t really demonstrate the entire process because it was pretty much similar to the other cake he was showing us – the one we ended up doing for our practical…

The Gateau Foret Noire – Black Forest Cake. A big favourite of many, especially with all the alcohol.

To be honest, I didn’t even bother tasting the cakes and the thick cream against the thin sponge just didn’t appeal to me at all. I’m trying to detox my body of all the sugar and rubbish I fed it with yesterday and listening to it today, all I wanted was, as I said, something light and nourishing.

Anyway, we had a long break in between demo and practical, so Celine, Kong and I popped by Edgeware where they both wanted to pick up some bakeware.

We then headed back in the direction of school to go to Woodlands Restaurant which is almost directly opposite. Stef, Ayushi and Prerna joined us soon after to have Indian. I was looking forward to dosa but just couldn’t stomach the thought of it in the end.

I wound up with lentil soup infused with lemon and ginger, which was light and very flavoursome, and I also tried this appetiser that Ayushi and Prerna ordered. It had a deep-fried cracker base and was topped with curd, pomegranates and some crispy things that reminded me of marukku. Celine and I shared.

Practical went really well I think. I managed to whisk the eggs and egg yolks today all the way up to ribbon stage using my arm power. Chef didn’t need to help at all so I’m pretty proud of that!

Also, my sponge rose beautifully and I managed to cut the 4 layers, of which we used 3.

Chef Nicolas said that my presentation was very nice, as was my masking. He said that the piping of the rosettes were almost perfect and impressive which I’m quite flattered about considering I have little experience in piping.

On the way home, I popped by Waitrose to buy myself some dinner. I bought a single serving pot of fresh shiitake mushroom broth with edamame and pak choy which I heated up and added some portobello mushrooms to. It was light but it was all I needed.

Also, while at Waitrose, this man just in front of me kept glancing at the Black Forest Cake I had in my cake box. After his third glance, I told him what cake it was and that I’d made it in school; that I was learning pastry arts.

He said that he thought I’d got it from Waitrose and if I did, that he might get one as well. Anyway, I told him that I’ve been practicing and there’s no one to eat what I bake sometimes. I ended up offering to give him some of my practice pieces if he didn’t mind.

After he paid for his groceries, he gave me his card and told me that I can give him a call whenever I bake, only he didn’t feel comfortable about not paying. So I suggested that I bake and he can pay me however much he feels my goods are worth, to which he agreed.

I felt so blessed as I walked out of Waitrose and immediately, I just asked God why He had to be so good to me. Honestly.

Kor had just under a quarter of my cake because I gave the rest to my neighbours next door – not my relatives though. I saw one of my neighbour’s sons with his friends and thought they should be able to eat a good amount of cake. So I cut Kor a portion which he downed before his dinner. There’ll be more cake tomorrow which is why I didn’t want to give him too much.

Kor was nice too. He went for a walk with me this evening before I cooked him his big chunk of rump steak with a mushroom in red wine sauce… and a side of wedges.

I’ve been feeling really uncomfortable and disgusted with my body lately, especially knowing what things go in whenever I binge. I don’t like the idea of gaining weight on things that are loaded with nasty stuff. Right now though, I don’t have a plan really one how I’m going to eat. I think I’m just going to have to take each day as it comes and see what my body wants on a day to day basis.

I know I went light for lunch and dinner today, plus, I only had a banana for breakfast. I just had myself a bit of soya yoghurt, a date with a bit of almond butter, and a hot drink. And I’m off to bed now…

We’ll be making more cake tomorrow and since we end early, I may want to pop by Chinatown to buy some silken tofu. Kor won’t be home so I pray that I’ll be ok by myself tomorrow.

Before I go, I want to note this down:

This morning I felt a lot like reading the Bible and brought my Kindle with me. So when I got on the tube, I went onto my Bible and found myself on Psalm 23. I read it twice and then ‘talked’ to God a little before I nodded off on the way to Finchley. =X The Lord is my Shepherd and I know He was with me today, making my day brighter and more beautiful than I expected, all things considered.

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